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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Turn of a Friendly Card

Today's Royal Flusher (Slightly Foreboding and Marginally Depressing) Gambling Song of the Day is...

The Alan Parsons Project - Turn of a Friendly Card

There's a sign in the desert that lies to the west
Where you can't tell the night from the sunrise
And not all the king's horses and all the king's men
Have prevented the fall of the unwise

Let's analyze these lyrics.

There's a sign in the desert that lies to the west

Clearly this refers to the Free Aspirin & Tender Sympathy sign that was located about where Monte Carlo is now.

Where you can't tell the night from the sunrise

This sounds like the kind of pelvis swinging place that turns day into night time, turns night into day time - Las Vegas!

And not all the king's horses and all the king's men
Have prevented the fall of the unwise

Clearly, this is an admonishment to those who foolishly gambled at Dickscalibur.

So, Alan Parsons is saying that if you go where the sign once was located, you'll find unlucky Exscabular in Las Vegas which is very bright, and don't gamble there.

Alan Parsons is some ace kind of prophet of profit.

But what of the day's gambling at the beautiful EnWynn Resort, here in Fabulous Las Vegas???

The mark of a great hotel is not so much the hotel itself, although it has to be great to be a great hotel - but it's really the staff.

And the EnWynn staff here are so very fine indeed. Unlike most people I meet, they look me in the eye, rather than averting their gaze, and they say "Hello" or "Good Morning" or "Welcome, Mr. Flusher". It's much better than "Get bent" or "Shove off, sicko".

They also take opportunities to confirm who you are and that information gets passed on to other staff, who call you by name.

Morning started out with cappuccino, courtesy of one of the lovely cocktail waitresses here.

And I managed to squeak out a quad before attending some Web Conferences on "Determining the Roundness Co-efficient of Grommets" and "Tools in the Workplace".

Decided to do a little walkabout outside as it was sunny and beautiful and wandered over to Ross Dress for Less. It's a bit of change to go from the luxury of Wynn to the bargain basement aura of Ross. Even so, I found three shirts and bought them.

Wandered back home and did a little play, with nothing of significance except that I was down $160.

For lunch I grabbed a wrap from the little shop. $10 and pretty tasty. Fairly cheapstravaganza, considering it's EnWynn.

I chilled some beer on ice and put my Wynn mix on the piPhone 3.14, attached to the little speaker I brought with me. It's battery powered and the size of a Saskatchewan hailstone and it sounds okay - and it's loud enough to musicify the entire suite.

A long shower - luxury is having a beer shelf in the shower! - and a shave and got dressed and then... blogged out two very long and very different posts from yesterday. This took me to about 7:30.

Went down and blew through three $20 bills on three dollar machines with nothing.

This kept me solvent for quite a while, and I did quite a bit of play but.... where were the quads?

And more importantly.

Where. Is. The. Royal. Flush. ??????

I'm growing concerned that I haven't managed to get one. Without one, this trip will be difficult to end up winners on.

Got on a run on dollar DDB but went out without that big quad I crave. So I limped over to quarters.

And Double Double quarters, however, did serve up a $50.

Kicker again, on the wrong game.

This place has potential.
 I kept going and nailed the Aces for $200, no kicker. And I played on.

At this point I was down $200 on the day. Time for dinner. I returned to the Society Cafe so I could pester Allison some more.

She glibly informed me that my business card was safely tucked away in a drawer. Unlike the Lucky Heineken Girls, poor Allison doesn't know what inanity she is missing by not reading up on the blog!!!!!

But you folks do. You know what you're missing!

I kept it simple for dinner, except the wine.

Allison felt that, with my developing palate, I should try a 'more challenging' wine. Something more complex that would be good with the rib eye steak I ordered. This came in the form of a Cupe 2010.

I didn't know the Canadian Union of Postal Employees had their own union wine, but it was very striking in its flavor!

Now, the steak - wow. It was one of the tastiest I've ever had, outstanding for many reasons - the fact that it was served absolutely piping hot, the seasoning on it, the perky areola sauce on the side, and the most amazing homemade steak sauce.

Stupidly, I looked at the dessert menu and spied Creme Brulee Cheesecake with Raspberry. $10.

Have you ever had such amazing sex that when you are done you laugh out loud at the sheer stupid pleasure of it? No? I'm the only one? Maybe Mrs. Flusher is laughing at how I look in yoga pants, I don't know.

The cheesecake was that good. It made me giggle and burble with unfettered mouth-joy.

I moved on to the machines, hoping to giggle and burble with unfettered cash. I tried this. I tried that. I did get a quad on dollars, but it 'went away'.

And other cash 'went away'.

I played on, and played straight through my stake for the day. With only 3 quads for today, that is not going to cut it.

Down $460 on the day but still happy because of the steak and dessert.

Down $750 on the trip. EEK.


    1. I can feel a Royal coming for you Flusher !

    2. If you want some good, cheap eats in your area, then check out the Tacos El Gordo place that you undoubtedly walked right past on your way to/from Ross. Order the "spicy pork" tacos with everything on them...grab at least three of them. $2 ea and worth every penny.

    3. I wanted to see a picture of Allison

    4. If you can't find a royal, you must find the loco moco. Or better yet, the Adobo Fried Rice Omelette at Aloha Kitchen.

    5. Flushy, Hit that GD $1.00 Royal!

    6. Great to read, makes me want a trip to Vegas..

    7. lol Saskatchewan hail stones. You definitely are a Canuck!


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