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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Veronic Voices - Good Luck for Me

Well, it's official - I'm a perfessional blogster. And maybe, due to a great deal on free show tickets, Veronic is my new good luck charm.

Thanks to Jimmy Poon, who is the Wizard behind the curtain here at L.V.T.R.F.W, the blog is now, as Donald the Hairdo would say, 'moneytized'.

That means Jimmy put ads on the site.

And this moneytization is totally paying off. But first, the show...

There's a new show at Bally's called Veronic Voices. (Sorry, I don't know how to make an accident above the e like they do at Bally's).

Anyway, there is a promo code for FREE TICKETS. All you pay is a $2.50 Ticketbastard service charge per ticket.

So I snaffled mine up and I'm going to see Veronic for free, and just about the same moment I completed my Ticketbastard purchase, the blog moneytization started paying off - BIG TIME.

That's one whole cent I've earned from the moneytization, a cent I didn't have before.

I rushed over to the Estimatin' Department at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer and told Mrs. Flusher. She says I can use it for one pull on a penny slot. I suppose that's true, maybe I can turn it into a fortune!

I think Veronic is sort of a female Danny Glans, may he rest in peace. I never saw him, and now it's too late - so I'm gonna check out the Veronic show.

And you can too...

I don't know how long this offer will last but as of this writing there were plenty of tickets for the night I picked. Dates seem to run Thurs, Fri, Sat from now and through the fall.

Once upon a time, this was the Free Ticket Link - use the code VPAPER.

Click the link above and use the promo code VPAPER and get your freebies now. Tell 'em The Flusher sent you.

NOTE: Enter the promo code before you select your seats.

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