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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Free Rum Tomorrow

I was happy, back at the Cal, with a good night's sleep under my eyelids, a couple of meal books, and lots of great gambling to do.

Grabbed a quick breakfast at the counter in the coffee shop. Hot, yummy, and heart smart, as I only ate one half a piece of toast instead of two pieces (along with the eggs, sausage and h. browns). I'm getting the hang of this Vegas Diet thing.

I tried the venerable dollar Treasure Chest and lost $20 there, and then played a variety of machines, full pay Bonus Poker, and Double Double... and before I knew it was out another $180.

Slipped one more twenty into a machine on DDB and first hand got four 10s - so some redemption there.

I worked it up to almost $100 and thought I'd cash out if I made it. Well, I made it, a little over, actually. And then back down to exactly $100.

And thought, "I should cash out and take a break."
  <-- br="" savvy="">
So, I pushed the Deal button.
<-- br="" savvy="">
And hey, I got me some Aces!
<-- br="" savvy="">

But no kicker AGAIN.
<-- br="" savvy=""><-- br="" degenerate=""><-- br="" savvy=""><-- loser="" p="">
With a good feeling in my bones, and heart, I went on walkabout, doing a power walk back through MSS, down the street to the Plaza, all the way down Fremont, through Neon-crapolis, down Ogden, through the El Cortez, back down Fremont, and stopping at the Four Queens. I did a full 30 minutes, givin' er. I probably erased the half a piece of toast.

It was the last day of the 'get four queens for $25 freeplay' bonus, and both the Mikes were in attendance at the Mikes bar. Told Mike about the Royal and then some drunk guy with no credits started peppering me with questions, which I responded to with one-word answers, and then grunts. 
<-- br="" savvy=""><-- br="" degenerate=""><-- br="" savvy=""><-- loser="" p="">
<-- br="" savvy=""><-- br="" degenerate=""><-- br="" savvy=""><-- loser="" p="">And explained that I'd lost $1000 before winning so I really hadn't won anything. The guy wouldn't leave me alone and I finally had to back him the hell off.

That's three very negative experiences in a day, and it kind of brings me down when that stuff happens. I'm trying to have fun and keep it light (unless something about a hotel pisses me off).

So, I did get a quad - 10s - on Double Double at the bar, but didn't take a picture of it as I was being hounded by this drunken oaf. It made me want to get drunk and act like an oaf.

I got going again, and before you could say Four Queens please, viola:
<-- br="" savvy=""><-- br="" degenerate=""><-- br="" savvy=""><-- loser="" p="">

Dealt Four Queens for the $25 Bonus!
I cashed out $125 on a $20 buy-in and then played the $25 freeplay on 50 cent full pay Jacks. And got nothing for it but some points. Still, the day was looking up.

And I had big, big plans, as you will see.

Back at the Cal, I did my blogging and stuff and when it was lunchtime, had salad bar.



It was pretty delicious too.

Oh, I also had a half a chicken salad sandwich. And a bowl of delicious garlic mushroom soup.

I lobbied for a Single Lonely Diner Table since I'd done my penance at the counter just a few hours previously.

And while dining, I won 50 cents on a $5 ten game keno ticket.

Fry's called - they expected they would have those headphones for Mrs. Flusher in by 5:30pm - I said great, call me then when they come it.

Played a few 20s here and there and didn't get much, so I though, well, it's Saturday night, it's Vegas, let's do something spinny!!!

And I found myself here:

Let it be known, MGM Greed, that the Magic Wash on Charleston has great service, arcade games for the kids, a clean and comfortable atmosphere and Free High Speed Wi-Fi that is 20 times faster than the one that comes with your $25 a day resort fee.

I spent a pleasant hour at the Magic Wash, enjoying the never-faltering high-pitched 10,000 decibel shrieks of the neighborhood children, and the non-stop wash 'n dry entertainment. It was so engaging that I facetimed the Quad Queen back at home, so she could enjoy the experience too.

I employed some local specialists to assist with my fluff and fold needs. Ok, not really. Dear Lord what a pile of laundry some people had to chew through. I felt for them!

That chore done (you can only take so much in a carry on suitcase, yo) I treated myself to a visit to Frankie's Tiki Room.

The Tiki Room is awesome, but way, way smaller than I ever thought. However, if the world were going to come to an end due to a 10-mile wide asteroid taking a bead on Honey Boo Boo's hometown (hopefully), this is where I would want to spend my last hours.

It has just that kind of end-of-the-world ensemble cast movie feel to it.

They mix up great looking drinks, show clips from funky fifties movies, play great surf music, and have an amazing decor which includes a sign saying "Free Rum Tomorrow".

Get it?

You come back tomorrow and the sign still says "Free Rum Tomorrow".

Get it?

You come back the next day and the sign still...

I played some weird VP machine (the Australian make?!) and lost $25 there. But I did get three packs of wooden matches to light cigars in the casino with!

The flash does not do these drinks justice. In real life, they look appealing!
Hauled ass back to my room at the Cal and got ready for the evening. Put on a clean shirt (well no kidding) and went at it.

And actually, it was pretty awful, with the exception of a great stint at blackjack. I lost here there and everywhere, including a fair chunk of change on dollar Treasure Chest, which has not given up one single quad this trip.

Got a great Single Lonely Diner Table at the Pasta Pirate and enjoyed outstanding, warm, and friendly service from Beatriz. Dinner was the lobster tail and filet special. Thoroughly enjoyed it all.

After a few more loser rounds of VP, I managed to at least get one quad - deuces, no kicker. <-- br="" loser="">

I bought in on blackjack for $100, went up to $150, down to $40 and back up to $150 over the course of two and a quarter hours.

And after that I cleaned out my entire budget for the day.

So, down $400 today, and as you can see, the dearth of quads is the reason. Also, I suck at video poker. On the trip, I'm down $630.

Now for interesting facts, and spin.

The last week has alternated winning and losing days:


Clearly, I need to play every other day.

Secondly, the comp tally is now at $1921, which is not too shabby.


    1. Don't wreck my mental image of you as the perpetually cheerful, happy Flusher! The world doesn't need more curmudgeons! LOL

    2. Another royal is coming Flusher, hang in there! $1921 in comps is awesome!!

    3. If you're really want to take it up a notch try visiting the Hogs & Heifers Downtown. If for only a beer, you won't regret it.

    4. Hey Flusher, considering how many dollars you have put into the machines and your comps ,you are having an excellent trip. I am very happy when I have trips like this. Dan

    5. What was the $25 4-Queens bonus about? Is that a regular promo or just this week?


      1. Get QQQQ, get $25 freeplay. Ended August 31 sorry to say


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