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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Trip Report That Wasn't - Part III

Well, we're bashing around in Vegas and we've had some really up days and some really down days.

Had a fun day at Wynn yesterday and I pulled the rookie money management move of all time - forgetting what my starting stake was. I actually lost $200 more than I'd realized.

Not savvy.

Not R.W.F.

After two weeks in Vegas the Quad Queen is up $285 and I'm down $600 after a week here.

We really hammered the dollar play at Wynn yesterday and they even comped me a buffet.

Apparently I have $45 free play there too. I had some good hits on dollars (see below) but played them back, because I am chasing that elusive second dollar Royal in 17 years. Sometime it will come, and all of a sudden I will switch from being a loser tourist gambler to the savviest player in the world (in my mind).

You know how The Flusher loves free stuff, right? Here's the skinny on the Downtown Grand new member bonuses.

The Downtown Grand slot club has been named "MYPOINTS". Now that is some savvy marketing right there. When you hear the name "MYPOINTS" it evokes a certain mood, a feeling of my points. Of points, points that are mine.

Very aptly named, if you ask me.

Sign up and you get a draw for some free play. We each won $3. You could win up to $1000.

On VP, you get 3 points for every $2 of play. This translates to 1.5 points per dollar.

Maybe they should have named the club "MYPOINTANDAHALF"

After 1,000 points earned you get $5 in slot play.

After 2,000 points earned, you get a Limited Edition Downtown Grand Las Vegas "Original Member" Token. (This will be going straight to the pool room, when I get it.)

After 3,000 points earned, you get a free hat. No word on if it is a limited edition.

There are also drawings held throughout the week although the procedure still baffles me. I had thought there was a drawing the Sunday we were there, and the VP machine did periodically congratulate me for having earned a virtual ticket. But come eight o'clock there was no indication that the virtual drawing had happened. I probably don't understand the system - and if you ask Jimmy Poon, the genius back home at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer who runs this site, he would tell you it is far from the first time.

I should mention the Triple George Grill... I've been hearing about this place for years and wandered by many times... and never set foot in the place.

Well, I was a fool, let me tell ya.

Our host at the Downtown Grand graciously set up a comp for us there the other night on the basis of our bar-busting dollar VP play during the soft opening, and because she realizes that we are the kind of savvy players the Grand really seeks.

Anyway, the Triple George has this really cool 30s vibe going on and has a bunch of private booths for dining. We both had a bone-in rib eye steak that was on special and OMG it was good.

I don't know much about wine, but I had a glass of that red wine everyone has these days. Merlin or something.

Here are some pictures from dinner, and various snaps of some cool VP wins, including a righteous Aces Kicker hit at the Mikes Bar in the Four Queens yesterday by the Quad Queen.

Aces Kicker progressive at Downtown Grand hit at $970.

Triple George booth. And someone's hands.

Triple George

Ribeye meat fest, glass of Merlin.

Quad Queen's Aces Kicker hit.


Me again!

Also me. Parlayed this into over an hour of dollar play.

Even Wynn has some maintenance issues. Mrs. Flusher broke a machine there.


    1. I read elsewhere that 1000 is worth $1 in slot play - are you sure about the $5? BIG difference...
      Thanks for the report - always enjoyable!

      1. Right - clarification needed - the $5 slot play bonus is a one-time thing for new sign-ups, earned after the first 1000 points. The general cashback/freeplay rate is much lower than that.

    2. Flusher, I can't get the ad off the opening graf(s) of your TR that ain't. Any suggestions?


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