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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Trip Report That Wasn't - Part IV

Well, we've been hammering the video poker here in Vegas and enjoyed Hallowe'en.

First the bad news... I'm losing.

Second, the WORSE news... the fine folks at the Downtown Grand that I have come to fall in love with... have chosen to go through and downgrade paytable after paytable on their video poker - specifically the Double Double Bonus progressive.

It's now 7/5. With the same progressive at the Four Queens on three bars with a 9/6 paytable!!!, you can decide for yourself which is the better gamble.

I don't know why they would do this 3 days after opening - it seems to me that it would work against the goodwill they are trying to generate with their new clientele, such as yours truly.

And there was some spooky Keno magic going on...

Jurassic Vegas, carefully and lovingly posed for.
The Quad Queen dressed up as a savvy gambler. I dressed up as a degenerate gambler (i.e. wore my usual street clothes). A couple of people gave me spare change.

Here are some brief highlights of the trip...

No more Royals yet, but some interesting developments.

I had two bad days back to back: -$600 on each of them. So yesterday we played some Keno tickets at the Nugget.

One one I had five spots marked, 20 games, buck a game. The Keno Lady told me in her own broken-English-Kenospeak that I should play $1.25 for that, much better. So I did.

The Keno channel in the room isn't working so after a while I hung out in the lounge and watched the last few games. I actually napped a while after having had a kind of rough night the night before. I blame the cocktail waitress at the Cal who foolishly - FOOLISHLY!!! - brought me exactly what I asked for each and every time.

Oh well.

Anyhoo... the Exuberant Keno Savant broken-English-Kenospeak lady keeps coming over and high fiving me and hugging me and talking about the tip I'd promised her if I won (which I did promise...)

Long story short:

I gave her a $65 tip.


Because the dollar a game version would have paid off only $700. The dollar and a quarter version she insisted I play instead paid off $400 more.

She gave me some more mumbo jumbo about being able to feel which tickets were going to win. She talked about possible future wins and that we should play again, and also about future tips which we should leave at the desk. She looked like turpentine and smelled like India Ink.

Here are some shots from the last few days. Gotta love Hallowe'en downtown.

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    1. The first of the downtown photos - the cocktail waitress at MSS - do you remember her name? We think we recognise her as "our" cocktail server. :)


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