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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Trip Report That Wasn't - Part VI

Mrs. Flusher had been in Vegas for 18 days and 20 nights, and I'd been there 10 days and 7 nights. So call it 28 person-days.

Yes, I'm working on spinning the math already. But first... HOW TO SAVE MONEY IN THE CASINO:

How to save money in the casino.
This cute couple in the Four Queens were sticking it to the man with their own deck of complimentary The D cards and comped drinks. Now that's showin' 'em.

We really hit it hard on the last full day and the Quad Queen was in fine form, really living up to her name. Meanwhile, I went into total quad drought starting the night before - that would be Thursday night. I was poised to have a break-even trip if I could hit a $1000 hand...

...but the quads weren't coming.

One other thing that has always given me trouble is straights flush - and sure enough, I had had none - zero - this trip. I suspect I need to train in this area. I'm probably missing straight flush holds.

I was down about a grand and the Quad Queen was actually up a few hundred after all that time.

It seemed that I could not hit much. That's because, in retrospect, I did not hit much. I knew, somehow, Friday would be better right? And I'd had the keno hit to take me close to even.

Well, within $600 of even.

Well, Friday was interesting because two things happened. 1) the Quad Queen came into her own pounding out the quads like nobody's business. and 2) I tripped and fell flat in a stinking turd-puddle of bad luck.

Oh my God how I tried, tried, tried to get something going. I hit one quad in the morning, but mostly lost. Meanwhile, Mrs. Flusher stung the Smug Nugget for dealt Aces and a few other beauties.

We went to the Four Queens Mike's Bar to play our November freeplay and I ended up dumping $240 at the bar. Now, when Mrs. Flusher needed to use the Loo, and had me play on her machine for her, yes, I got one of my 3 quads for the day on her machine.

The Quad Queen and I dined at the Chart House, primarily because I had a mac and cheese hard-on for their deep fried mac and cheese.

Here are some of her hits from that day.

Some of what you are seeing here - the Quad Queen hit four Aces four times in one day. Once on quarters (dealt) and three times on 50 cents (one dealt). In fact, two of the Aces hits on 50 cents came 5 minutes apart.

Why should you believe me?

Because I was there and I saw it with my very ownsome rheumy flushie-eyes.

The night of the last full day the 50 cent Bonus Poker progressive at the Cal was up to $3300 for the Royal. So we figured that was worthy of a full court video poker press. We went after that sucker.

We went after it until our fingers bled and our bowels turned to water and we had no more urge to play video poker ever again.

We did not get it. The tally for the day was:

Quad Queen: 14 quads
Royal Flusher: 2 quads, plus one quad hit while playing on the Quad Queen's machine while she peed.

Yeah, it was like that.

By the end of the day she was up about a grand and I was down maybe $1700 or $1800.

Dinner at the Chart House at the Smug Nugget. Prime Rib, Crab, the as-mentioned deep fried Mac and Cheese (OMG)...

I spent a lot of time observing the amazing wildlife at the Chart House.

Here comes the Mac and Cheese.
And up goes my weight.

Feeling crabby?
By the end of Friday I was realizing that I wasn't going to have a very good trip. It all went in the dumper in 24 hours. Fortunately, the Quad Queen was balancing me.

And what the hell, I had fun. A LOT of fun. We'd played all over downtown. I'd met up with VPSue at the Boar's Head for a wonderful cigar - I think it was called a Macarena - and more losing VP and winning Absolute rocks for me served by Kelly. (VPSue hit 3 quads while I lost beside her, and got a $5 scratch card to boot.)

And there was always the early morning hours the next day before the limo to the airport - and the airport itself.


    1. I have not ventured any further into the Golden Nugget than Starbucks in many years now. I may have to break on my next trip to eat at the Chart House.

    2. I wonder if your account has a flag for advantage player since you are passing out those business cards and you talk about practicing or training. the casinos dont like knowledgable players. You can read about bob dancers problems he had after being labeled an advantage player.

      1. I think as long as I keep playing slots and Keno and short-pay video poker they will realize that I don't know what the hell I'm doing.


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