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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Trip Report That Wasn't - Part VII

I should mention the wonderful couple of hours I spent with Blonde4Ever's crew at the Hennessey a few days back, where we had a big meet-up/drink-up. You guys are great and I am lucky to be allowed in your company.

I spent some time talking to Eva from Germany who regaled me with stories of playing for 4 hours on penny slots... one penny at a time. This kind of perverted action has me champing at the bit to lower my stakes and really get frugal. God love ya Eva and Wolfgang.

Dewey showed up there so of course I had to take a Selfie with the two of us getting as close as a couple of Western (RIP) bedbugs.

The last full day in Vegas was Friday, and we were shipping out Saturday around noon on Air FU Canada's new 'Rouge' service.

Now as far as I know, a rouge is a single point, scored when you kick the football through the endzone. Maybe Air FU Canada's new service is worth a single point as well.

After all, they have cut back the aeroplan miles granted on flights to what I thought was a bare minimum - 25% of miles traveled for the cheapest ticket.

So instead of getting a few thousand points for the trip out, I got like 970.

And on the return trip, on Rouge, what do I get?

100 points.

On a $900 ticket, return. That's why I call it Air Fuck You Canada.

100 stinking aero-miles for a $900 ticket.

But my bitterness preceeds me...

We got up early on Saturday morning. We hammered the quarter Bonus Poker at the Nugget for a couple of hours, hoping for a last-ditch Royal. Not happening. I dumped $100 or more there.

Breakfast? The Cal.

We wandered over and the 50 cent Bonus Poker royal STILL had not been hit. It was up to $3700.

We went at it for a while - and I lost and lost some more. Like $200. Breakfast went quickly at the coffee shop, and then one last bash at it.

I couldn't hit a damn thing.

It was time to get packed up. And time to see the host. They comped half the cost of the corner Rush tower suite leaving us with a bill of $500 for six days. Not bad.

As a last bash, we tried the $50 9/6 Jacks. I finally managed to find some luck, hitting a few hands and drawing to a flush. I put in $100 and cashed out $300. This felt like a win to me.

We caught the limo to the airport and went through security. I was short a Royal and had not had a straight flush all trip. But there was always the airport slots.

I went at Triple Double Bonus like a man possessed, hoping for Aces Kicker for $1000 or a Royal for $1000.

Neither hands showed up but I did finally get my straight flush. And a few quads.

For you nay-sayers who say I cook the books and fake the result... screw you.

Here are the facts.

Royal Flusher:  -$2000
Quad Queen: +$1200

Comps - well she had 6 nights at the Four Queens and 6 at the Cal and 3 at the Nugget. We paid for the other 3.

So 15x$50 a night or even $40 a night: $600 in rooms.

Meals, all covered except 3 x Magnolias and half of Chart House: $300 for Quad Queen solo plus $800 while I was there (includes half of Chart House and $100 Triple George comp) = $1100.

Free play: $120

So comps, $1220

Again, I think the comps outweighed the losses. But we also tipped about $400 for drinks and $200 for food. Maybe/probably more.

Out of pocket, it's $900 flight + $800 loss + expenses of maybe $700. Call it $2400 or $2500 for 28 person-days in Vegas.

This is my personal worst losing trip in 47 trips.

I'm never going back to Vegas again.

I am done with gambling.

I am done with video poker.

I will never, ever, jump a motorcycle again.

And with that, see you next time from Las Vegas, the Royal Flusher Way.


Thank you for Losing with us on Air FU Canada Rouge! Visit Las Vegas again and earn another 100 aero-miles!
Actually, I took this because I thought she was pretty cute. Rouge is doing at least one thing right. Bon Voyage!


    1. Can you ask Jimmy Poon to make the "Popular Posts" in the right column stop jiggling up and down? I'm sure it's to attract attention, but it makes me feel kinda carsick.

    2. Flusher, Great no report trip report.. wait what.. anyway, sorry for the horrendous results, see what happens when you do not do a live trip report.. Either way, sounds like you had a great time and as always we appreciate all the details of your trips, especially the VP gaming details, they are wonderful and I hope you keep it up for a long time. You single handedly force, force I tell you, me to book trips to Vegas after reading your posts. They should pay you an advertising fee for all the business you help generate for them. Thanks again for all the effort to post all this it is appreciated greatly..


    3. Enjoy all of your trip reports - can't wait until the next one.

    4. Enjoyed it as always dude. How lucky is your missus?
      Thanks, and keep it up.

    5. I dont understand how you get so many royals. Ive only had 1 this year and I live here. Maybe the locals hotels arent so great for us locals. Ive read that reno has good vp but ive never been there. Thanks for the great read.

      1. The answer is simple... play a LOT. We went for a stretch of 4 or 5 years without any Royals at all. The answer was to increase our daily budget and play a lot more.

        Royals happen roughly every 40 hours of play at 1000 hands an hour (probably faster than we play but for the sake of example...) Consider we were there for 28 person-days. I'm guessing we play 5 hours a day on average. QQ probably more than that. But anyway, that would be 28*5 = 140 hours of play. Enough for 3.5 Royals roughly, and we got 3 between us.

        So no magic, just lots of pounding those little buttons.

    6. You're right, she is cute. You'll get 'm next time . . .


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