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Monday, December 30, 2013

Great, kid... don't get cocky

Dec 30, 2013 Spirit of Savvy Trip - Day 3 - Monday
I had a good stake on the day ready to roll, lots of earned hundreds. I was feeling good about my rebound the night before and was in good shape for the trip. Maybe the dollar volatility beast would not bite us too badly.

We both slept pretty well and the Quad Queen headed down to the Four Queen's casino around 5:00 am while I worked on the blog post for yesterday. Without coffee, even!

The QQ had managed one quad (dealt) before I got there and when I went down, I felt confident about slipping hundies into dollar 9/6 Jacks. Low volatility, nobody gets hurt right?...


Okay, so we combined for a $250 loss in 7 minutes. This is what happens when you get shit hands and no quads, let alone fulls house let alone flushes or let alone straights. Or trips. Or pairs.

Regroup - try dollar Bonus Poker. I lost $100 in 48 hands. I found myself down $250 in a total of 12 minutes. Meanwhile, the Quad Queen needed a loan so I gave her $100.
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We went up to the bar at the Chicago Brewing Company and played 50 cent Double Double.

"I'm down $350 and I haven't had breakfast yet! What's going on?" I whined.

"Same problem here... keep playing!"

This is where I went on tilt. I kept popping in hundred dollar bills and blowing through them on 50 cent Double Double. There were no quads to be found.

I put the last hundred I had into the machine and switched down to quarters. Where before I was confident - cocky, even, despite the repeated warnings of Han Solo - now I had the feeling of a lead bowling ball in my gut.

I played through about half the quarters and at least Mrs. F had managed to hit something. And then she managed a nice straight flush, the first for us on the trip.

She took off to 'run an errand' and I thought, fuck it, the only thing that is going to help me is a big hand and quarters isn't going to do it, unless it is a Royal.

Now, you have to understand that each hundred disappeared this morning for both of us like half the cards had been removed from the deck. It was hand after hand of drain, drain, drain.

I actually managed to go up a bit in credits and survived until she returned, which was a victory of sorts.

And then... out of the blue, as if the Gambling Gods were having mercy on me since I couldn't hit shit on my own, they threw a dealt quad my way. Four 4s.

And you know what THAT means!

I gazed upon my $200 hand and held the fours. Now I would have to draw the kicker A, 2, or 3 to make it a $400 hand.

Dealt 4s for $200, adding the kicker doubles it... what happened next???

To be continued...


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