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Friday, January 3, 2014

Spirit of Savvy Bonus Post! Secret Sexual Proclivities of the Slot Machine Stars!

Jan 3, 2014 Because the pickins for gambling glory and humor are so thin lately, here's something I've been working on for a while that you are going to really love. That is, if you love inane, immature, off-color sexual humor...

Secret Sexual Proclivities of the Slot Machine Stars!

You see them everywhere. You know them. They know you. They are sexy, flamboyant, lit up on screens everywhere, and they take your money in exchange for a brief look at their monetary sex.

They are the slot machine stars and starlets. And they have their secrets too... exposed here on Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way for the very first time.

These hot green-headed triplet 'guys' are secret members of the Mr. Dressup BLT community, particularly the ones into triple penetration and the use of expensive sex toys.

Hungry for some Triple BLT action anyone?
The Pharaoh likes it Pyramid style, particularly in the Nefertitis. (Groan.)

How long and low can you go, Mr. Phay-raoh?
 Mildly amused by day, likes it rough by night.

Lisa is begging for you to paint her!
This meth-head could not get it up with a disused Echelon Place crane.

Eats, shoots, and leaves.
Recognize Zeus?...

Bear. All the way.

Let the mighty Zeus give you a 'hand'.

Bondage bingo, anyone? He likes it restrained, especially when it comes to super stacks.

The Mighty Ass. Say no more.

Meeeowwwrrr!!!!! Whock-chsh!
"Drop trou and give me 8, bitch."
Li'l Red has been riding someone lately, but I'm not sure it's human....

Li'l Red!!!!!!
Nudge me wild, Grandma. Nudge me wild.

Bodice ripping anyone?
"I prefer the wolfish type. AROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This hot bitch loves to party. You have the blow and the coin? You can fly all the way down to her Rio.

We get it.

And of course, the dreamy "girl back door".

And now you know what you are getting into when you put earned-hard money in these hotties' slots!


    1. Best post ever!

      Bravo! Bravo!

      And not one nipple clamp reference?

    2. Seriously? Seriously??? Losing is really getting to you my friend. Loved it.


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