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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Channeling My Inner Quad Queen

Day 4

Friday dawned about dawn. But we were up even before that.

I made a j-cup and sat around in my underwear folding brochures while Mrs. Flusher headed down to the Nugget casino to stir the money.

That’s kind of what it feels like in Vegas, like you are just stirring the money round and round. When the music stops you hope you grabbed up more than you gave out.

After I’d put in a good morning’s work, which entailed folding as many as 19 of the Veeblefetzer brochures, I headed down to meet Mrs. F at, where else, the front bar at the Golden Nugget.

After all, it was 6:45 in the morning, and time was a-wasting. I took the elevator down to the Flush tower lobby, made a deft right turn and deftly walked into a wall.

On the way through the pretty much empty casino, I waltzed by one of those guys that is just kind of sitting at a machine sideways. Probably had a long night, probably played out his bankroll for the night…

Just a normal Vegas late night early morning guy.

As I walked by him, he shouted at me, “JOHNNY CASH!”

I didn’t break stride.


I suppose he had an appreciation for Johnny Cash. Because Katy Perry’s Roar was playing on the sound system

Slipping a hundy into my bartop machine, I waved the barman down and ordered a coffee and a shot of Maker’s Mark.

And as the barkeep was pouring the Maker’s he mutters, “It’s gonna be nine dollars, we don’t comp Makers.”

“WHOA!!! Stop right there.”

Do I need to point out the absurdity of the situation? I told him to pour me a Jameson’s instead. Makers must cost them about 16 cents a shot more than Jameson’s. Or maybe not even.

All of a sudden I go from comp to nine dollars? Not happening.

In fact, the Jamie and coffee was rather good, and I celebrated with a 50 cent quad. The day was off to a good start. Always the show-off, the Quad Queen dealt herself Jacks and held them all just to be sure.

We had an offer at the Four Queens for 3 nights, so we’d double booked it. We could easily get our food comped over there, and what the heck, it’s fast and we like it. So we’d have to play pretty heavily the next few days, so we could keep the Queens’ offer’s coming and also continue to get established at the Nugget.

As you may recall, we’re trying to get the decent freeplay and food offers at FQ (i.e. $300 in freeplay, and pretty much all the food you can eat plus a Hugo’s dinner). So far we hadn’t budged the needle but we figured one more shot should do it. Plus they have lots of great VP paytables.

And why are we playing short pay junk at the Nugget? We like the rooms. A lot, lot more than the Four Queens rooms which sadly are in bad need of a refresh. Hopefully they are busy enough to be able to address it at some point, because that place is like a second home.

When you are in search of breakfast, Magnolia’s has a special offer just for you.
Hold the sausage.
We ordered up breakfast at Magnolia’s (to the Waitress That Calls Me Baby!) and let’s see if you can guess what I had…

Any of you that read the blog regularly should know this.

Yes, I guess that’s my “I know I’m in Vegas” meal - good old dry English Muffin with Kraft Peanut Butter.


Of course it was Magnolia’s Veranda’s specialty - Country Fried Steak and Eggs with plenty of Country Throw-up Gravy!

Mrs. F had steak and eggs again, something she would fixate on for many of the coming mornings.

After breakfast we approached the secret, hidden, unknown, hard to find, ultra-rare camouflaged Jacks or Better machines. These are the ones right by the cage with the big yellow signs on the blaring “PLAY 6/9 JACKS OR BETTER HERE”.

Sadly, the full pay VP at the Keno lounge is a thing of the past. They had chipped away at it recently, and while we were there, we noticed one day that all the machines were out of service. It seemed likely that they would completely change them or even remove them. (I wonder what they did do? Does anyone know?)

Be that as it may, I settled into a machine and began what was to be an epic VP journey. You always hope to get on a run and this was going to be one of the strangest runs I’ve ever had.

I slipped in a very special, lucky $100 bill. And blew through it in no time.

I shifted one machine to the right to continue what was more than likely to be an epic VP journey, that you always hope to get on, and this was going to be one of the strangest runs and Jimmy never has to write down an order, he always gets it right. Did you know I know Jimmy???

On 2nd hundred.

I started to play. And I did pretty well for a while. I got a quad. And I got a bunch of fulls house. And the credits kept dinging up. And I got another quad. And another quad.

 Pretty soon I was pushing the $400 mark, and then $500.

I started setting mental goals for myself. Like, I’d try to get over $600 but if I hit $400, I’d cash out.

An hour went by and I was still at it. The Quad Queen was playing alongside and hitting a few things but generally, more of her money was going into the machine than was coming out.

I got another quad. By this point we were looking at each other with wondrous astonishment.

It was one of those runs that you literally dream about, where you just can’t lose.

I was into some serious money now, pushing $700.
Then pushing $800 dollars. Then I kind of went into a slide, dropping down to my cut-off point, and then by mistake, one pull below it. I pulled again and got a straight and I was over the line. And I kept going.

“Do you think I could make $900? I’m going to try.”

I made it, and then some. I kept pressing, the Quad Queen cheering me on. Was this going to be one of those goals that you almost make, but not quite, and then loss your butt after?

Then it was $1000!
A thousand surely had to be my cut-off point, but I wasn’t stopping! I hit yet another ridiculous wonderful quad! I made $1100 my cut-off.

How long could this go on?

The answer is, it went on for a little over two and a half hours. I hit $1100 and cashed out.

We decided this would be a good time to go and see the Four Queens host. And, it went badly.
Between us, we’d just done over $16,000 coin-in. And actually, we hadn’t even checked in yet.

Bear in mind that on previous trips, that would more than cover our room for three days, and they would pick up our food at the end.

There’s no point in ragging on about this. We didn’t get anything extra for our heavy play last trip, and the host wouldn’t up-front anything for this trip. And he wouldn’t try for free play or a food pass based on our morning’s play.

No, we got the “see me at the end of your stay” line.

I really wanted to bellow, at the top of my lungs, "JOHNNY CASH!"

This was not a good feeling and when we left the office, we marched out of the property before we did something rash. We were considering marching right back into the hosts office and telling him we’d changed our mind and to cancel our booking.

However, there are mitigating circumstances. Apparently, the comp system at the FQ is changing next month, to the swipe system they use at Binions. And, in the system, we were going to get better offers next time around.

But we were still pissed that $16K of action would not even get this guy to write a comp for Hugo’s or even anything whatsoever.

I had $40 freeplay from my crappy offer and I decided that I would implement sweet monetary revenge on the casino.

I played it in dollar Triple Bonus Plus, and what do you know. I nailed quad deuces for a cool $600 on their $40 freeplay.

And ate breakfast at Magnolia’s (Baby!) and then we strolled out of there with $1400 of their money in my pocket.

“Man what an amazing run! I didn't know I had it in me,” I said.

“You are just channeling your inner Quad Queen.”

I was sitting pretty on the trip, which was a huge relief considering last time. But the (insert cliffhanger here)...

Ah yes, the ummm day wasn’t over yet! Could I.... keep it going?...

Stay tuned.

Here are a couple of Mrs. F's hits during the amazing dollar run.


    1. I can feel the Magic!. I'm on the edge of my seat....keep it coming.

    2. Betcha Four Queens host didn't want to comp you because you were winning !
      I'd tell them to go F--k themselves !!

    3. There it is, THROW UP GRAVY!

      Please keep the report coming! JennJenn

    4. Any more on the changes to the Four Queens comp system? I have been getting the VIP passport for RFB for Magnolia's and Chicago Brewing Company on about $15K through over a 3 day play trip.

    5. Haven't heard anything further on it. Subsequently, we did get improved offers for $200 and $300 freeplay, plus the VIP passport. Hopefully this won't change with the new system. What I do wonder is, with a swipe-based system, will they reduce the number of hosts? Because they won't be needed to write same-day or even end of stay food comps.

    6. do all machines have the double up feature?

    7. Some have double up and some don't. Rarely you'll find some that do it automatically after every hand.


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