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Friday, April 25, 2014

Every 19 Years Like Clockwork I Get This

Day 3 - continued

We are really enjoying the Golden Nugget lately. One thing we noticed that is different from New Years is that they’ve turned the music down in some of the key public areas. It was getting quite oppressive, but now it’s just right.

And the Flush Rush tower is great, very comfortable indeed. The suite is terrific, with a large bed area, a desk with hide-away plugs, built-in safe, a living room with large section couch. They’ve even got two TVs, so you can watch from bed or from the living room. The bathroom is roomy and there’s a separate vanity counter, which, as far as I am concerned, was put there solely to house the all-important K-cup (or in my case knock-off Chinese j-cup) coffee maker.

So it’s access to amenities like these with some nights even comped that keep us playing there.

Now where was I? Ah yes, the dollar short pay Bonus Poker slant-tops...

It didn’t take long.

Just a few minutes of play on the short pay dollar slant top at the Golden Nugget to break my 19 year dollar royal drought.

I held the three cards and as soon as I saw the other two I knew. I knew before the hand lit up. I knew before JACKPOT - CALL ATTENDANT.  I’d done it! I raised my arms in silent triumph while screaming at the top of my lungs. I jumped up and down in place as I lapped the machine.
19 year dollar Royal drought OVER!
“I. AM. ROYAL. FLUSHERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
My only other dollar Royal ever was also in Spades.

It was certainly turning into one hell of a day. They took the standard 30% tax off the 4 large and I pocketed $2800 and gave the staff $20 out of my tip money, plus a few leftover Maple Leaf Lounger mints.

I cashed the $2 straight flush ticket and figured it was a good time to visit the safe in the suite and squirrel away some of the dough.

“You’re lucky today!” said the Quad Queen as I locked up a few K in the safe.

“I’m the luckiest man. The luckiest man in the room!” I said.

It seemed like one of those storybook moments where everyone bursts into song. I channeled my best Alan.

“I’m the luckiest man in the room… I’m the luckiest man in the room!” (I sang).
“I’m the luckiest man in the room….” (QQ’s eyes rolled up to the ceiling)
“And there will never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
never, ever be a luckier man.

In the room.”

“Okay terrific, Alan. I’m hungry, can we go now?” asked the Queenus Grumblus.

I smiled. I felt so fucking GREAT!

“I’m the luckiest man in the room… I’m the luckiest man in the room.
I’m the luckiest man in the room….
And there will never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
mark a yen a buck or a pound,
a mark a yen a buck or a pound, there will
never, never, never, never, 
never, never, never, never, 
never, ever be a luckier man.

In the room.”

As we would our way through the ever increasing Fremont street characters, skin flashers, and pan handlers (and it’s getting harder to tell one from the other) I suggested that if things went bad, maybe the Quad Queen could go out there in a nighty, to raise some readies.

“More likely, they’d pay me to cover up,” she said.

“Yeah, you could go out naked and take tips to cover up.”

“$5 and I’ll put on a sock!”

“Yeah, $50 for panties. $200 and you put on a cape - we’ll call it The Works!”

Don’t blame me, she reversed it, and I ran with it.

For dinner, we went over to Chicago Brewing Company at the Four Queens and ordered pizzas to go. Of course, we had a draught and some quarter Double Double Bonus while we waited.

The fella next to me was one of those guys who wanted to demonstrate that he knew his way around the bar and knew the staff.

“Oh, yeah, he’s great, he’ll get your order right, don’t worry about that. Oh yeah, I’m here a lot, Jimmy’s my pal, he has a bunion, if you know him well enough he’ll show it to ya, but not to just anyone ya know… blah blah fucking blah blah...”

The pizzas came and the barkeep - who truly seems like a good guy - took a quick look and handed ‘em over.

“Oh you don’t even need to look, Jimmy gets it right, Jimmy never needs to write down the order, Jimmy painted my house, Jimmy this and then I that and I know Jimmy and Jimmy knows me blah-de-blah blah blah…”

It was a good thing the food was ready, too, I was over halfway through $100 on Double Double quarters, with nothing to show for it. I cashed my ticket, we paid, and tipped, and we headed out.

So we got these great smelling disks back up to the suite, still hot. We were starved, doing the two meal plan on the day.

I had ordered extra sauce, spinach, sausage, jalapeno, green pecker. Quad Queen had some sort of a white pizza.

I opened mine up and noticed a lot of the cheese chunks weren’t melted.

“Hey, look at all the extra cheese on here, its not even melted,” I said.

“That’s because its chopped onions.”

And it was. Mounds and mounds of raw onions, which I can’t abide. Well, at least there were little thin disks of perfect little sausage. Which tasted just like peckeroni.

“This is totally the wrong pizza.”

I picked the onion off as best I could. I like peckeroni well enough. And there was spinach on there, which I had no idea why I’d ordered. And no green pecker. Mounds of jalapeno.

It was too wrong for them to have gotten it just wrong - this was some other Flusher’s pizza. But you know what? It was still delicious and I ate most of it.

I got on the blower to the Four Queens after and got ahold of the guy and we made a deal. Next time I showed up he’d lay a free pie on me and we wouldn’t worry about Visa and all that crap for this one.

The weather was still a bit cold downtown - disappointingly so - but still, at least my hose wasn’t frozen under 3” of ice. A bit of walkabout found us at Fremont where we gave Pick’em a go.

Wouldn’t you know it, I nailed a quad on Pick ‘em.

Pick Fremont Pick-a-pair Pick'Em! $150.
I’d been in Vegas less than a day and I’d already almost hit for the cycle. Quads, Pick’em, Straight Flush, Coveted Dollar Royal…

I was a little concerned about the Quad Queen. Much as I was making ground on my huge losses from last trip - she was having the worst start to a trip ever.

Quad Queen -$300 on the day, -$1100 on the trip
Royal Flusher +$3000 on the day, +$2800 on the trip

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