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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jacks or Better - I'll go with Better

We've been freezing our asses off this winter up in Flusherville, Ontario, where I perform mind-bending donkey work in servitude to the soul-less machinery that poops out size 7 grommets for Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer at their plant there.
Let there be Country Throw-up Gravy Closeups! Is that a nipple?

It's so great to be here in Downtown Las Vegas, and the weather is really starting to get nice. Today was a sparkling day of shirtsleeve temperatures and warm sun. (Of course, to a Canadian, 45 degrees in Vegas is also 'shirtsleeve' weather. Don't worry, I often wear underware and pants as well as the shirtsleeves.)

Mrs. Flusher had booked this stay at what they call, in my honor, the Flush Tower, here at the Swollen Nuggets hotel and casino. It's pretty swell.

Got a bed area with a desk/wall unit, a sectional couch, table and armchairs in the sitting area, views out two directions through two windows (we're on a corner), two TVs, both playing the Keno channel, non-stop, 24 hours a day, and a nice bathroom complex. The tub is really long, so the Quad Queen likes that a lot.

Le Thai is busy, busy, busy.
Lunch at Le Thai, still one of my top downtown recommendations. I had the cucumber salad also (not pictured). (Duh.)

Speaking of Quads, she's had a tough ride so far this trip. You never know how it is going to go, do you.

She lost Tuesday. She lost Wednesday. She lost Thursday... and She lost Friday! ACK! On the back of my worst trip ever last time, this has been, so far, her worst trip ever. End of Friday she was down about $1,500.

Probably one of the best game to play for higher stakes is Jacks or Better. But it's perceived as being kind of dull. That's because it is kind of dull.

But it doesn't has to be.

For example.... I hit a $4,000 Royal the other day. And since then, I went on the most incredible run on Jacks you've ever seen. Not only did I get lots of quads, it was quite profitable.

I played over two hours on a single hundred dollar bill on dollar Jacks.

There have, of course, also been some tough runs... I dumped $100 in five minutes last night on the same game.

The El Cortez still has some of it's old vibe, they are still handing out pie. Now, there's something disgusting about taking a break from the greasy machines to eat something like pie, but that's hardly the point. It's pie! Free! In a casino! Where else but the ElCo?

Ever play a game you never play? Mrs. Flusher did - Triple Bonus Poker or something - it pays only for Kings or better, and the base quad is 375 credits. 2,3,4s are 600 and the Aces 1199. She put in $20. She got a quad out of it.

A hand pay. They also gave her a coupon for a box of chocolates. And offered pie.

Three hands later, she hit that damn thing again for another quad! Great hit and run.

Instead of the chocolates, she opted for cash envelopes which you draw out of a big drum. She pulled one and let me pull one. Hers was $10 freeplay, mine was $20. Now that's a savvy envelope draw!


    1. 2 hrs on $100 on dollar Jacks? Incredible!!!

    2. Is that an ear in the throw up gravy?


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