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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Je t'aime Je t'aime

Day 6 - Part 2

The dealt Aces kicker were awesome. Very, very full of awe. And it wasn't five or ten minutes later, or maybe fifteen minutes, or maybe it wasn't seven minutes later, that I held a couple of deuces and got two more. And a four.

By the luck of Gordie Howe!
I was now actually up $301 on the day and had a new lease on life! A new wad of cash to lose away, stupidly gambling, to the casinos! O rapture!

We decided a change of pace would be good so tried a few machines at the Fremont, where the slot promotion lady was being beamed everywhere by loudspeaker.

“Another $300 dollar winner here on the Blazing Saddles slots… there’s a $100 winner… another $300 winner… AND. SHE. JUST. SAT. DOWN!!!!!”

I’ve written about this before and it’s really an amazing feat of selling nothing in particular but hype.

There was no luck for us no matter when we’d sat down and we moved on back to the Nugget.

At the bar I had a big discussion about which draught beer to have (wasn’t this the 50 beer bar or some damn thing?) and it came down to two varieties from Alaska.

The barkeep brought me samples of them both. I got talking to the guy next to me about the beers and which one was more ‘hoppy’.

All of a sudden I felt very stupid.

“IT’S BEER. Who am I kidding, it’s COLD BEER! It’s never bad!” I ordered a pint of the Alaskan blonde and it was excellent.

At this point in the day the Queen was struggling - down $600. She did get Kings twice (looking back at the pictures it is amazing how each of us got the same sets of quads twice in a row…)

At the bar, I played through $280, and had some great beer. But I had no quads for a full hour and a half. But I did have a straight flush, which were really coming easily this trip.

And there was other gambling, some of it on dollars. And for the second time in a day, I squandered a lead with stupid bad luck. Yes I did indeed blow through a lot of money after winning $801 at the bar.

For dinner, Mrs. F wanted a room service Cobb salad and I thought I’d walk down to Le Thai and get a take-out entree from the little window.

I was bitterly disappointed and learned an expensive lesson.


But all was not lost. Standing in the doorway, I got on the blower to Mrs. F and put my order in for dinner, and then turned back

The weather was perfect - high 70s, slight breeze… I loped slowly back to the Queens, and caught the beautiful tones of a fellow playing something you don’t hear live very often - a steel drum - played to a little recorded accompaniment. The song... one I hadn’t heard in years, called ‘Je T’aime, Je T'aime’.

I paused a moment and listened, realizing something special was happening. The desert breeze caressed my winter-weary skin, the setting sun graced my brow and made everything diamonds, and the sweet steel drum sang up and down Fremont with a ringing ghostly beauty. It was almost as if Las Vegas was kissing away my wounds from the last heart-breaking year.

I walked slowly by and nodded at the gap-toothed, smiling musician, throwing a few bucks in his hat.

“I like your sound.”

Waiting for the light a block away I strained to hear the rich ‘hand-crafted just for this moment’ tones… they were faint but still there. It was as if the moment didn’t want to end, and maybe in my memory it never will end.

Even though I’d struggled all day and been denied Le Thai, I felt happy.

Joining the Quad Queen up in the room, I told her of the magic that had happened on the street.

Except it came out something like this:

“Oh my Gawd, there was a guy, playing steel drums, and his teeth - they meandered like - the Great Wall of China and Le Thai was fucking closed, but he played Je T’aime and it was so perfect and I could hear him all over and, and the way the sunlight was, it was like, totally beautifulizing everything!!!! Let’s drive to L.A.!!!!”

We ate dinner - and I’d opted for their fried chicken with a side salad. It was quite good and I forgot to photograph it.

My day just kept getting chipped away after that. Lost $100 in like 5 minutes after we ate… that kind of thing.

We were checking out of the Four Queens the next day so we did our cashback. I got $60 cashback and a $10 match play coupon. Of course, I lost $20 doing the match play somehow.

We played some more at the bar at the Nugget, mostly 50 cent Bonus Deluxe. I played through another hundred. Played about 600 or 700 hands. Got lots of hands but weren't keeping anything.

It's weird how I look back and see all these winners and yet we still lost on the session. But that's the fun of it, right?
Dealt Boner Deluxe 
Double Gretzkys, Quad Howes
And I was down $500 for the second time in one day.

I went in for one more hundred. I Lazarused three times. The third time I got three of a kind. And with just two bets left I hit Jacks from three. Thank goodness for that.

I played it down to $200 even and cashed out and wrote the loss down as $400 on the day.

Back up in the Nugget suite we sat and commiserated. I thought about the steel drum guy, and the waitress that calls me Baby and my life and stuff. And I had a kind of epiphany.

“Think how lucky we are just to be doing this. People are ailing. People have troubles, people have challenges, people have mobility problems. Look at us, we can walk around, enjoy ourselves, we can do this. We can have fun, you know, we can spend money. We have all this opportunity handed to us on a silver platter. And, we can just gamble it all away!”

Quad Queen -$700 on the day, -$1800 on the trip
Royal Flusher -$400 on the day, +$2800 on the trip

Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg - Je t'aime... moi non plus


    1. Thats right gambling is just entertainment and if you can afford it then enjoy yourself.

    2. At the casino a coupla weeks ago by myself. Getting dressed in am, saw something black in dresser drawer. It was an black undergarment consisting of about 2 square inches of cloth w/ a coupla straps. It had embroidered writing on it " Je T'aime" Took it home for the wife, but it doesn't quite fit her. She thought it was disgusting, but I told her I smelled it & it was OK. Then she sez it was a guys as it had a little "pocket" on the inside. Enjoy your reports particularly cuz 4Q's is my Vedgas home.

    3. Enjoy reading your stories - it makes me wish I was there too.

    4. Lol at Anonymous' Je t'aime male undies story!

    5. Being downtown and playing short pay tables, some very short...sorry I don't get it

    6. Good point. Why? One, I like staying at the Nugget, so I play there. It hurts to play such bad paytables. It's a calculated cost. Two, outside of that probably 90% of our play downtown is on full pay. Not to say that there aren't games that return more than the ones we choose, but I'm not a pro, and I'm not interested solely on choosing the highest payback no matter what - there are a lot of other factors at play.


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