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Friday, April 4, 2014

Las Vegas Trip Report XXXXX - Nifty Fifty!

Nifty Fifty Sneak Peak Post

Mrs. Flusher had booked a trip back to the site of the mortal asskicking I took last January. I told her I was too busy to go.

Fact is, I was pretty rattled by my first foray into mainly dollar play by losing about three times what my 84 Toyota Tercel is worth - on a very good day. It was without a doubt the worst trip ever in every way, and I was gunshy about going back.

But you have to take your fiftieth trip to Vegas sometime, right?

We've both had a lot on our plates, both personally, and at North American Veeblefetzer where my latest 2 hour overtime gig was sluicing out the grommet releaser compound holding tank, which is slippery like a stripper's nipple, but stinks like rotting whale blubber mixed with fetid seafood buffet dumpster crud.

I'm sorry to offend you with that description. Imagining a stripper with all that stink associated... it's enough to put you off them - whales, I mean.

Anyway... I finally had enough of winter and a couple of weeks ago got Jimmy Poon to change some GrommetCon 2014 assignments in my boss Norbert's laptop, and I managed to swing a trip out here.

I will be obviously working GrommetCon 2014 for some of the days I'm out here and, sadly, I won't have time to blog this trip in the usual repetitive, mildly amusing fashion.

However... I do plan a full write-up sometime after my (hopefully triumphant) return to Flusherville with all the gory details.

What I will try to do is give you a few brief teases, which are teasy like a strippers nipple, but don't stink like whale stuff.

And what happened yesterday just has to be put up!!!

First full day in Vegas, and after GrommetCon, we headed to the bar at the Smug Nugget to do some short-pay play.

"Strict rules of Parlay!" I shouted, and stuffed in a hundred dollar bill.

The game was 50 cent Bonus. I quickly hit a quad, and moved up to dollars. I doubled my profit, and moved up to two dollars.

Got the old four to a straight flush draw that I never get. And... I got!

Yes, a straight flush!

Cashed that out, played another $100 at $2, nothing much happening. So we moved over to some dollar slant tops.

Now, those of you that have been reading this blog know that I have been chasing a dollar royal for some time. My first - and only - was dealt to me at Treasure Island some 19 years ago, when I was playing way over my head for one or two hands. Last trip I went after it hard, and it cost me.

I think you know where this is going.

Yup. Finally nailed the elusive $4000 Royal Flush on a savvy three-to-a-glory draw, thus salvaging a good portion of last trip's losses, my confidence, and my good name. I am once again and truly Royal Flusher!


    1. Fantastic!!!!! Well Done!!!! You are Truly a Royal Flusher again!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Chriss in UK.

    2. Hoping your luck continues and can't wait until you put your latest adventure on lcd for us hanger onners. wpete from VMB.

    3. He's back! Great stuff RF, been looking forward to more of your stuff.

      Nice dollar royal, that means more blogging now methinks.

    4. It is amazing how you never lose back to back trips, why not just move there and paly video poker for a living?

    5. Hey Nah, Hey Nah, The Flusher's Back!

    6. The first picture is missing. :(


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