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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lucky Day Seven

Lucky day 7 in Vegas. Got up and we packed up for today was moving day. I was ready for a change and was welcoming the move to the California.

I went down and joined the Quad Queen at the bar after my packing was done - she’s always ready sooner than I am. This is because she packs the night before. It’s called preparation or something.

She’d been on a tear, see for yourself!

For a change we decided to try the buffet at the Nugget. I’d had breakfast buffet there some time ago and it wasn’t very good. They tried to fancy up everything when really, simple is best for breakfast. I’d left feeling like I’d had one of those aragula aieoli truffle oil sous vide smart ass over garnished meals, not breakfast.

Be that as it may, Flusher is intrepid, if anything. And so we found our way to the cashier and signed a chit for a couple of $12 breakfast buffets.

“I am going to have to eat $12 worth of sausage,” I reflected.

The cashier overheard me.

“That might mess you up later!” she said.

“Ow!” I replied.

“You’re gonna say ow,” added the Quad Queen.

“Okay, thanks,” I said, signing the room service chit. “I’ll let you know how it comes out.”

“Oh no. Please don’t. I’m gettin’ a visual on that I don’t need!”

Well, breakfast was great. I totally enjoyed it. They had about six kinds of sausage! And a vat of country throw-up gravy.

We competed to see who got the healthiest breakfast, and I clearly won. There was jalapeno sausage, and turkey sausage, and tater tots on my plate. There were salad-like icky things on hers.

After breakfast we had some admin to do. Like checking out of the Four Queens. They did indeed pick up all our meals at Magnolia’s and the room service. QQ got her cashback as well. $60, same as me. And two $10 match play coupons.
We made $40 on those at blackjack.

Continuing the grand admin tour, we walked over to the California and checked in, securing a Parlour Suite. Not nearly as nice as the Flush tower, but comfortable just the same. At least, it would be when they got the air conditioning working in it. Phone calls were made and the situation was rectified.

We hiked back to the Nugget and played a bit more and then went to see whoever was manning the host’s office, just off the Last Chance Keno Lounge.

We got a host at the Nugget called John. Mrs. F. insists his last name is Submarine. Yes, our host, Mr. John Submarine.

I'm pretty sure he was the guy on that TV show based at the Nugget some years ago, when those two guys owned it and flipped it. Still, I resisted blurting out, "HEY! You're that TV GUY aren't you?!"
Mr. John Submarine, our wonderful host at the Golden Nugget
We did okay at the Swollen Nuggets. Considering we dropped $222 at the Chart House and another $80 on internet to keep you loyal readers somewhat apprised of our current gambling exploits, the bill of $600 for 6 nights in a corner suite in the Flush tower is very reasonable - it could easily have been just $300.

I figure that comp was probably worth about $600 to us. Not bad for having to play short pay video poker. I think we have found a formula that works for us to have a very nice place to stay downtown.

John moved the comped nights to the Friday and Saturday, saving us quite a bit of dough, and picked up the suite upgrade charges.

Back up to the suite we went, got everything together, and left through the Rush Tower south entrance. It is very convenient to head out there and walk towards the Plaza, then turn right and head two blocks to the Cal.

Once in the Cal it’s 129 feet to the elevators, and up to the suite. Easy-peasy move, no cab needed. It’s sidewalk the whole way until you are in the Cal, so the rollin’ is easy.

The move and all the admin crap done, we headed down to the casino to break in our Boyd play on none other than…. dollar Treasure Chest Dollars at the base of the escalator.

We saddled up, ordered drinks, I slipped the CW a $5 bill and told her to keep them coming, and she did. I couldn’t get a quad and lost $160. In fact at that point on the day I was down about half of my $700 stake for the day.

The Quad Queen did hit one on Treasure Chest but picked the loser chest once again - the base amount of $140. It’s still fun cash out a ton of dollar coins though, and I wish to experience it very soon.

Lunch was simple fare at the coffee shop. No fancy-ass six kinds of sausage here, just a delicious chili cheese burger and a quad sandwich for the Club Queen.

I think they changed the burger patty at the coffee shop - this one was actually tasty!
Healthy gamblers eat right to stay sharp!
We made the pilgrimage up the escalator, along beside Aloha Specialties, past the golden cubes display for dice players with special cubes, and across the bridge to Main St. Station.

We followed a woman onto the escalator and she had a complete luggage blowout. She was loaded up with a roller suitcase, a bag on top of it, and more stuff in a bag she was carrying and struggling as the roller threatened to take a tumble.

I suavely stepped down and put a firm hand on the handle.

“I’ve got you,” I said.

I righted the bag and suavely said, “Are you changing hotels or did you just arrive to check in?”

She never answered, and we went our separate ways.

“She was probably homeless, you moron,” said the Quad Queen, astutely.

Then, it suddenly occurred to me that she might have been homeless.

I suavely felt like a dick. But hey, I helped her out so that counts for something, right?

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