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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scratch cards, have we got scratch cards!

Nifty Fifty Sneak Peak Post

Lots has been going on here in fabulous downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Lots of winning, and lots of losing.

I had a losing day a couple of days ago but the next day won exactly that same amount back.

However, the Quad Queen has had the worst start to a trip for her ever, rivaling my meltdown of December/January 2013/14.

We are starting to get concerned that she will recover, and meanwhile, I can coast on my dollar Royal and a few other wins.

Still, the woman can get quads on video poker like no other...

Still... can you come back from being $1800 down?


We got a host at the Nugget called John. Mrs. F. insists his last name is Submarine. Yes, our host, John Submarine.

I'm pretty sure he was the guy on that TV show based at the Nugget some years ago, when those two guys owned it and flipped it. Still, I resisted blurting out, "HEY! You're that TV GUY aren't you?!"

We did okay at the Swollen Nuggets. Considering we dropped $222 at the Chart House and another $80 on internet to keep you loyal readers somewhat aprised of our current gambling exploits, the bill of $600 for 6 nights in a corner suite in the Flush tower is very reasonable - it could easily have been just $300.

The QQ got $100 in free play besides.

We had a room booked at the Four Queens and got $120 in cash back there plus $30 in match play coupons. They covered all the food we wolfed down at Magnolia's.

Meanwhile, we've moved to the Cal. And thus the scratch cards from Main Street Station.

Food has been good, and there have been some amazing adventures.

Choose the healthier breakfast. Hint... Tater Tots.
So many sausage selections in Vegas!
The question is... how many Royals will there be?


    1. Who has salad for breakfast?

    2. Swollen Nuggets??? That may be the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

    3. John Sunstrum is the Swollen Nuggets host you are referring too. Not as colorful as his lovable goofball son Tommy. Watching them on the Casino TV show was like watching Chris Farley in Tommy boy. Glad to see John is still around though. - Funk

    4. Good stuff as always....wpete


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