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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Happy Video Poker Orgasm Song

Day 7 - Part 2

A good time at the Fabulous Main Street Station Hotel and Casino? Beers at the Boar Bar (or Boar’s Head Bar, which sounds better, except the whole boar is indeed there). Jacks or Better. And losing, losing, losing! So switch to catch-up mode (Boner Deluxe) and got a quad and my first scratch card!

We revelled in the incessant howling coming from a slot machine wayyy over by the buffet entrance. Boy did we revel. Over and over and over. If you’ve been around MSS you know what I’m talking about.

In any case, I lost about $100 on Jacks, and played back the Boner Deluxe quad money, and then played through another $100 at the bar. So I was really getting down there, but I’d had a couple of High Roller Golds at least. At only $100 per, plus tip, they were very special beers.

The Quad Queen got a few quads at the bar - again reinforcing the belief that actually, I never seem to win at that bar! If ever!

It was time to try some triple play over near the south wall. Nice slant tops with triple play Bonus on them, and Super Times Pay as well.

So I tried a few things and I’m playing away, minding my own business, when I’m dealt four to a Royal (for maybe the 8th time so far on the trip). And wouldn’t you know it, I got one! Totally the Royal Flusher Way, baby!

It was great! I even remembered to get a scratch card for it. I tipped the scratch card lady and I asked her about the $5000 scratch cards. She’d been around for one of the recent ones and the tip was $20. Not making any value judgements here at all. But that is so cheap. But no judgement. Each to their own. Cheap own. Live and let live though. Live and let the cheap live.
Ten times multiplier STP action.
I cashed out a little over $1000 and was a little positive for the day. Yes, it had been that bad up until that point.

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen was hitting quads like nobody’s business. She plays so fast on triple play it is frightening.
They gave QQ a nickel one by mistake - she got to keep it!
We headed back to the room to rejoice, rest and reflect for a while, and have a couple of celebration cocktails. And then it was back into the action down in the Fabulous California Hotel and Casino casino.

They seem to have put all new office chairs throughout - height adjustable swivel models. I think Norbert has the same model in front of his vanity in his Executive Washroom.

On my way to break a bill in the machines at the end of the cage, my eye spied what I was certain was a lucky slot machine - one of those Burning Sevens or whatever.

I slipped $20 in and on my last pull, I hit for $60. What burning luck! The win went in to the Cal video poker machines. We were playing Strict Rules of Parlay, $20 at a time. And really, I wasn’t getting anywhere exciting. But with the Royal behind me, I was feeling relaxed.

Mrs. Flusher, on the other hand, was getting frustrated. Even though she’d had many quads and a straight flush on triple play, and was doing okay on the day, I could still tell that the fact that I, Royal Flusher, had had both dollar and quarter royals, with her having no royals at all, was rankling.

In my gentle manner, I accused her of rankling.

“Are you rankling me?”

I got the stink eye in return.


Double stink eye with hiss lips.

“Don’t worry sweetie… your turn is coming, I just know it. Hang in there, stay focused, play your game. You’ve got this!”

After some time we became hungry. I scouted the Coffee shop.

“There’s a line-up! Let’s go!”

We had spent $250,000 coin-in getting me an Emerald card in the last year, and I was damn well going to use it to jump the line, which consisted of a family of four (with two teenagers) and elderly couple, one of them with a walker.

The hostess took us all at once, so I both got to skip the line, and didn’t have to feel guilty for skipping the line and leaving my infirm elders twisting in the wind. Double Emerald Win!
Table for two with a view of the salad bar, please!
I had the Butterfish special, which seems to be the special about 7 days out of 9 at the coffee shop. Nevertheless, it was my first foray into the world of the butterfish, and it was quite a tasty one. 

One of the things QQ really likes is that coffee shop salad bar, which she chose for dinner. She would eat her way through about 8 or 10 pounds of the bean salad alone in the coming days.

I would, in turn, sleep in the hallway.

Speaking of salad bar, why do they not sell Salad Bar Pre-mix? 

Salad Bar Pre-mix would be the same stuff as what you have left at the end of a plate of salad bar - a little of this flavor, a little of that, an olive, some cheese, dressings… all kind of mixed together. That’s the best part of the salad, so why not just sell THAT? You could have a salad bar with one vat in it full of Salad Bar Pre-mix.

I texted Jimmy Poon immediately to start working on the patent application paperwork.

In a strange wrinkle, the host at the Nugget (Mr. Submarine) had switched the Quad Queen’s offer so that she got double free play - but it would only come into effect after 4:00pm.

Well, okay. We went with it, and headed over there to do the free play. It was uneventful for the most part.

Our day would end with one more round of Triple Play. I played Super Times Pay, and the Queen went on some kind of crazy tear. She played full fucking speed turbo mode - it doesn’t even deal the cards, just flashes the cards and goes on to the next hand.

At one point, she was dealt three to a Royal and… she got a Royal on the same machine, on the same line, on the same day that I did!
Quad Queen Royal!!!

The machine did its happy video poker orgasm song as it rang up the credits. But she wasn’t done. Oh no. She kept playing that machine and hit a quad and all of a sudden it spit out a ticket without any warning.

We’d never seen this before. It spit a ticket out for like thirty some dollars. She played some more and then it spit out a ticket for $8.

We realized that it wouldn’t go over the magic $1200 value - the amount at which tax forms are triggered. Kind of cool!

QQ had 21 quads and a straight flush in two session at MSS
Today was great because we BOTH had winning days, and the Royals count had tripled for the trip!

Quad Queen +$1330 on the day, -$470 on the trip (very surmountable)
Royal Flusher +$140 on the day, +$2940 on the trip


    1. Hope you took a pillow out into the hall to sleep too! Glad to see Mrs. Flusher's luck has turned around! Love this trip report! Thanks for publishing! Until tomorrow, JennJenn

    2. "We had spent $250,000 coin-in getting me an Emerald card in the last year, and I was damn well going to use it to jump the line, which consisted of a family of four (with two teenagers) and elderly couple, one of them with a walker."

      Genius. Thanks for the laugh.

    3. 21 quads in 2 sessions is crazy luck!
      Exhausted just from reading your daily exploits. What a treat this has been for your loyal readers.

    4. Loving it, great to see some luck going your way


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