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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Spicy Winds of Luck!

Day 5 - continued

Lunch was wonderful. They’ve opened a little take-out window at Le Thai where you can order, and then take it out. Like, back to your room, or home, or to one of the tables out front. I just grabbed a table inside and ordered the lunch special, not wanting to get too fried in the sun.
They hustle at Le Thai and I love the food. Enough said.

Le Thai Hustle!
$10 lunch special. Green curry chicken, brown rice, and drink. 10/10!
I stopped to snap a couple of pictures of the historic El Cortez Hotel, which features a coffee shop and bar, and FREE PARKING.

My keen photographer's eye was easily able to spot the architectural beauty of the sweeping lines in front of me.

Where was the Quad Queen? Here and there and she’d been losing the whole time. Looks like my lunch had cost her (and therefore me) a couple of hundred bucks. Maybe my Le Thai breath would blow the spicy winds of luck her way!

I suggested we try the coin droppers in The Dollar Cave. QQ played Triple Bonus plus. This is a kind of a weird game in which the base quads pay 375 credits. It’s sort of like Senior Boner Deluxe, where the boner isn’t quite up to snuff. She put in $20. I put $20 in on DDB. Like the old days when we had no bankroll, we took turns.

There isn’t really a Dollar Cave at the El Cortez - it’s a little alcove right beside the cage, filled to bursting with glorious coin-dropper dollar uprights. There are a few ‘high roller’ slots at the back of the cave including some $5 VP with a progressive on it.

Anyway… we are taking our turns… when this happened.

Yes, she hit a Senior Boner quad for $375. This triggered a hand pay and on top of that, she got a chit entitling her to a free one pound box of chocolates. On top of free PIE!!!! How does it get any better than that?

Well, three… - thats THREE - just 3 3 3 - THREE hands later…. she does it again.

Another $375 hand pay.

“I’m back!” she said with glee.

“And you get chocolates again!”

Meanwhile, I lost $100 in the endeavour.

Instead of taking the two boxes of chocolates, the Cocoa Queen opted to pull envelopes from the Big Drum of freeplay envelopes. She even let me pick one, since I’d led her to the lucky free pie machine at the ElCo. Hers was for $10 and mine was $20.

Well, we had to play that off and the Parlour bar 50 cent machines seemed to the right place to do it.

She played her free play and I played and lost $100 in five minutes. It was some of the worst video poker I’ve ever played. Yin Yang. Win Wang.

Outside, it was still beautiful day, sunny, and warm, and walked back to the Nugget and played back around the back at the bar.

I’d played quite a bit today - we both had - and the fact is, I was pretty much at the end of my stake.

We ordered drinks from an enthusiastic young barkeep - obviously he hadn’t been at it long enough to become jaded, disinterested, sardonic and untrusting like most of the senior barkeeps. Not to worry though, we’ll beat it out of him yet.

Anyway, I carefully picked a machine and fired up 50 cent Boner Deluxe. And I slipped in the last $100 of my days stake.

Of course, not one, but two of the buttons were sticky with God knows what manner of bar jizz and didn’t work at all.

The young barkeep delivered our drinks and I asked him, “So, when high priced hookers come out?”

“Oh, I don’t know…. “ he said uncomfortably. “Actually, they don’t allow them around here anymore.”

“I understand,” I said understandingly. “When do the low priced hookers come out?”
Meanwhile I was struggling with the machine, holding some cards with buttons and some with the touchscreen, and sometimes pounding the non-functioning buttons with my fist and generally working myself into a lather about the stuck buttons and the missing high priced hookers.

Young Mr. Barkeep thoughtfully grabbed his walkie talkie and said, “I’ll call to have them fix it for you sir.”

At that moment I hit a quad for $200.

“DON’T TOUCH THIS MACHINE!” I bellowed. “Put the radio down, this stuck up button buggered machine is LUCKY!”

Sure enough, after a while, I hit another one.

Apparently a super-high uber boss got propositioned by a high priced hooker at that very bar and that’s when the anti high priced hooker hammer came down. So if you can’t find company at the back bar at the Swollen Nuggets - now you know why.

I was up $400 on the session thanks to my old pal Boner Deluxe.

I grabbed a Keno ticket to chill in the the room with while QQ had a bath. I reflected on our good fortune and cursed the missing keno numbers. The routine for dinner was the same - back to Four Queens to eat. We went up to the room and ordered room service dinner again.

I went down to play while the Room Queen waited for the food. I blew through $100 on dollar jacks. Put another $100 in and played 50 cent jacks. Played it all the way down, Lazarused, and worked it all the way back up to $95 when the Quad Queen texted me that the food was on its way up to the room. Figures, just when I’m on a streak, stupid food shows up to make me eat it.

She had a cobb salad with french dressing, hold this and that. For some reason they gave her what amounted to a full pint of dressing, in four little plastic containers. Now that is some roomy room service!

 It was kind of a nice change to eat simple food in the room instead of being in a noisy restaurant.

I had an omelette with hash browns and turkey links and I must say, it was delicious.

“It was delicious,” I said.

Back in the casino we played some penny hundred play. At one point the Multi Queen dealt four to a royal and got like 3 micro-Royals. That’s always kind of fun. Each one is worth $40. The trick is to get dealt a Royal on that, and you are talking serious coin. Aye eee $4000 worth of pennies.
Find the micro Royals!
At the Nugget I found some dollar slant-tops that had 8/5 Boner Deluxe (which was a hair better than the blood-sucking 7/5 I’ve been playing). I blew through a bunch of money without any satisfaction whatsoever.

The paytable is a bit better than at the bar but it doesn’t really matter if the quads are hitting, right?

In the end, even with the broken button comeback, I blew through my whole budget. I even did the last gasp ‘buy Keno tickets before going to bed’ trick. I’d have to see in the morning if I’d hit it rich or not.

Quad Queen +$420 on the day, -$1100 on the trip
Royal Flusher -$600 on the day, +$3200 on the trip

Someone give this woman a cheeseburger.

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