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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Art Bar Coffee Makes the Veeblework go Down

Day 14 - Part 1

Day 14, my last full day in Las Vegas this trip. It was okay, I'd had a great trip, and was kind of ready to be going home. I'd had the break from winter I needed, and so far, was still ahead on the trip.

For some reason, I was totally wired on the night of Day 13. I ended up screwing around on the internet, messing with the Chromecast, trying to get it to work with the TV in my room, and so on. I ended up screwing up the connections to the fancy-ass LAN TV router boxes (probably) behind the TV and it actually never worked again while I stayed at the Grand. I ended up watching an episode of survivor on the laptop.

I'd been trying to stay on Eastern time because I find the switch back such a bitch, but there it was, 3:30am Flusherville time. I sucked it up, set the alarm for 6:30am Vegas time and slept like a baby.

At the Downtown Grand, they have free self-serve coffee in the Art Bar. The round trip from my room took about 2 minutes.

One of the cool things about the Grand is that you can actually sort of rub-elbows with and bump into and talk to interesting like-minded coffee people, kind of like a bed and breakfast situation where you exchange lies about how your day was the day before while toasting stale english muffins and trying to make breakfast out of one of those tiny jars of jam. Only way, way better than that.

Grab an armchair and meet sleepy people before they've had coffee!
And the coffee. Was. Fantastic. Absolutely delicious, the complete antithesis to the dishwater coffee endemic at the Cal. (I'm sorry Cal! It's the truth! Why do you think I cut it with Jameson's all the time????)

My notes say:

Tasty coffee yum-yum.

I had to do some work on the laptop to keep Norbert happy back at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer. Something about getting RMAs for almost 5,000 R.C.V. t-shirts that had been ordered in the wrong size (all small) and misprinted.

I savored my complimentary art coffee and did some emailing while screwing around on FaceBook, and then got round 2 of the coffee and then did round 2 of the screwing around on the internet, with occasional e-mailing. Working remotely is tough!

Taking a much needed break from screwing around on the internet working hard for Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer, I moseyed down to the casino and spied out the Aces on the DDB progressive - they were up well over $700 and creeped over $750 while I was playing.

I gave it a good shot, committing $100 and coming up empty. I'd been ending hands with a lot of 4-to-a-Royals lately, and was dealt about the 13th or 14th 4-to-a-Royal draw... FAIL.

Craving a cheap but healthy breakfast, I wandered over to McDonald's at The D - and what a deal I got. Two - count 'em - two Sausage-a-Muffins for only $3.33. I converted these cholesterol-sodium-fuckbombs to gluten-free diet health food by only eating half of the english muffin for each. It was as good as spending the morning in the gym, I'm certain.

Like yesterday, my plan was to play somewhat at the Grand (and more if I was on a lucky streak) but meanwhile, to put my play in on decent paying machines - in particular, the triple play Bonus Poker Super Times Pay at the Fremont. (Big thanks to T.M. who suggested this to me - it's now a Flusher Favorite.)

The first $100 at the Fremont went really, really well. I did $2000 coin-in on it. So I put in another.

I met some really nice Hawaiian ladies (aka I.S.G.s or potential I.S.G.s). They were so nice! Good friends, they high-fived each other on the good hands. It's just nice to see friends having a nice time nicely together.

When that hundy was gone.... I then I put in another.

Yeah, I got some hands, but by the time I'd done almost $4300 in coin-in I was down $300. I just wasn't getting those big multiplier hands that you need to get to win at this game. It was time to bail.

And besides, the I.S.G.s had gone to have fried chicken. They said. Well, okay!

It was another beautiful day, very clear. I was looking forward to seeing the full lunar eclipse that NASA had scheduled for tonight. Maybe it would change my luck, I was down $360...

Back at the Downtown Grand, I remembered to use my match play.

At check-in, they gave me a bunch of coupons for discount this and that food, etc. etc. but the gem in the pack was the $10 match play.

Sidling up to the roulette table, manned - or should I say womanned - by a sultry red-head, who doubled as a roulette dealer, I whipped out my match play coupon and a couple of $5 checks left over from my disastrous blackjack session the evening before.

"So - what should I play my match play on - red or black?" I asked.

"Well..." she said.

"I'm sorry," I said in a rare moment of sensitivity. "That's not fair, to ask you. I'll just put it on black."

"Okay - but you should never bet against a red-headed dealer on black," she said, sultrily.

"Done and done."

I moved it to red and put $5 on a straight-up bet on 17. It came up... red.

So now I had $40 in chips left over from the day before plus my small win at roulette. I'd see if I could grow this stash of chips into something bigger and better... later.

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