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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chase the Aces

Day 15 - Part 3

What do you do when your tummy is full of 'cue?

As I bid Rollin' Smoke farewell with a little wave of my fingers which were slick with grease and barbeque sauce, I pondered the proximity of all the strip clubs loaded with naked gyrating strippers in the area and what the dynamic might be between those two scenarios and how deftly one might move from one paradigm to the other.

It was an uneventful drive back downtown, kind of a nice time of the evening with the lights on and the sun going down. A great time of day to risk a ticket by screwing with the piPhone camera at stoplights.

I let the sultry air of the desert evening caress my cheek through the open car window and estimated the outside temperature to be a perfect 73 degrees, ideal for digestion of barbecued ribs.

What perfection. My town. Perfect night. A classy hotel and casino to return to. Tasty-burps.

Chucking the car into the Downtown Grand valet, I pondered the inevitable question... had those Goddamned Aces Kicker been hit yet, or would they still be available to torment me?

Incredibly, they were still around and still climbing having reached an astonishing $1,030 and change. It was unfathomable.

Well, I knew what I had to do. Go at it yet again. I picked my spot at the bar, ordered up, and got busy. I shoved a twenty at the machine and started poking. Hopefully I would get some hands, enough to keep me going to get to the Aces.

And before too terribly long I got a sniff of the Aces - good old 3 Aces with Kicker.

 When the twenty was gone, I thought 'fuck it' and put in a hundred. I played that down for a while and snagged myself a quad. Redemptiong! Credits! More chances to chase the Aces.
In fact, I had a little bit more than I'd put in. Onward. Half an hour maybe went by.
What's this, four to a straight flush draw?
Another straight flush for the books. Yummy!
 And after 5 or 10 minutes, four Queens and I'm up over $200. This is the session I have been looking for on this game for literally days. I'd played $200 in 5 different machines in the morning and had gotten burned out in about 15 minutes! This was more like it.

I had a real chance at those Aces with the reserves in my tank now.
Then, the moment I'd been waiting for happened - the three Ace draw.

I held 'em and held my breath a bit, muttering, 'C'mon, be there! Be there!' But not too long of a hesitation, didn't want anyone else to pull the rug out from under me and win them first.

Saw the needed deuce come up and then a dumb cousin 8 of clubs. Shit.

Onward I played, pushing an hour and a half now and willing to play the credits out if that's what it took.

I was getting down there, under a hundred and I'm thinking, okay, the fun's over now, I know how this goes... DRAIN-OHHHH. But wait! Redemption 5s on my screen, and I'm back in business again! And actually, up $7.50.

Onward I go.

Had a couple more Ace scares of the pray and hold your breath variety but of course, the longshot draw wasn't coming.

At least the Aces were showing, with a number of pairs of them being held with usually no improvement, ended up with three of 'em once or twice more.

The Quad Queen speaks of sometimes 'knowing' she has a particular draw and I always thought that was bogus hocus video pocus.

Until this.

Pair of Aces, I held them and the little voice in my head said, "this is it". I slapped the Draw button with no hesitation and dropped my arms to mysides. Because I knew. It just sort of 'felt' right and I knew I had 'em.

Does that sound ridiculous? I admit, it probably does. So let's move on from the mystical twaddle and look at some pictures of triumph over those Goddamned Aces Kicker!!!!!

Yup, I brought those bad boys to their knees and got their little shit of a friend, the deuce, in the bargain.

An incredible progressive, $1048.75.

"I snapped that off," I thought to myself. Mickey Crimm shout-out. Hopefully he will forgive me for playing such a weak paytable.

I played a couple more hands and cashed out a few nickels over a cool $1,100. A quick trip up to the safe to stash the cash and I noticed my little chip remnants from the other night. Maybe it was time to see what I could do with the $65 or whatever, at the blackjack table.


    1. Wow! I've been following your journey with that Aces progressive ~ Congratulations on finally hitting it!

    2. Flusher!!!! First you finally return to crack cake consumption (say that 3x fast) and now this! Congratulations!!!!

    3. That's what Vegas and video poker is all about!

    4. Woohooo!!! I bow down to the King!

    5. Great stuff, congratulations

    6. I could just feel you getting ready to bag the bastard!! Nice job but even by better sprint to the safe

      Thanks for the adventure.

    7. YIPPEE YAHOO! I knew you would do it. Isn't that hocus video pocus fabulous when it actually works? I don't want you to go home...stay, play and entertain us with your reports.

    8. FLUSHER: YOU ARE THE MAN - a great great play

    9. Flusher you are the man who else could pull a superb play like that off - great work

    10. Fab-u-flusher-tastic!


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