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Thursday, May 1, 2014

GrommetCon 2014 - One Size Fits Al

Day 8

As you may recall, I had wrangled duties at GrommetCon 2014, thus justifying my trip out to mostly overlap with the Quad Queen's solo trip.

This was Tuesday, and those duties came home to roost. First of all, I left the box of 9,700 unfolded Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer brochures back in the room at the Flush tower at the Golden Nugget. So I had to go skeezing back there and slink away with them from the Lost and Found.

So today, I had to spend significant amounts of my precious Vegas time fulfilling work duties. This included more folding (41 brochures!) and lots of phone calls coordinating things for Norbert like melon trays and fingernail sandwiches and a bunch of other crap I don't know anything about.

Like t-shirts. Order t-shirts? Sure I can do that. So I call up, and they want to know what size... How should I know for sizes? I order all of the 5000 t-shirts as size small. Keep it Simple and Stupid, right? That Seven Rules of High People Stephen Convoy guy has nothing on my organizational skills.

While I was ironing out the shirt problem, the Quad Queen was on an excursion. See for yourself.

I did get to do some morning play at the Cal and enjoyed a couple of cups of their dishwater casino coffee. It is strikingly bad. I love the Cal, but I have to talk to them about their coffee.

Now, we've been talking about the Strict Rules of Parlay...

Mrs. F put in a $10 bill and started off on quarters. She worked all the way up to $200 playing $2 video poker. She cashed out the two bills.

"Keep going!" I said.

"Really? I thought I'd keep the profit."

"Well, okay, put $20 in but play it on $2. See what happens. Look, I'll give you the $20."

And I did. And we saw what happens. Quad fours, that's what happens.

We decided we would both be happy if we split the $200 so that's what we did. I used $100 of mine to buy a 200 game Keno ticked to watch while I was stuck in the room making Veeblefetzer calls.

I did some more Norbert grommet work and had lunch by myself. Soup and salad. It was really good!

It would have been a lot faster with Salad Bar Pre-mix though.

Once work duties were over, we resumed battle at the triple play machines. Sometimes it's beautiful at Main Street Station...

Playing Super Times Pay, the Quad Queen and a three times multiplier and got exactly nothing for it. That is so frustrating.

"Three times nothing. It's still nothing," she sighed.

"No, in this case it's Bonus nothing!" I said.

There is a young asian waitress at Main Street that we call Hot Towels. If you know her and what she sounds like when she says 'Cocktails?...' you know why.

My degenerate partner in casino crime has gotten this sweet innocent young woman trained in things that are just incomprehensible.

To wit.

I went over to Main Street and joined the Quad Queen at said triple play machines. Hot Towels comes by and says, "You ready for another?"

My esteemed wife says, "Do it!"

Hot Towels, without hesitation, replies, "DO IT! DO IT!!!!"

I ordered an Absolut on the rocks. She brought it and I gave her a dollar tip. To which she said, "Do it!"

We kept playing hard, and drinking hard. It was fun but it can be costly.

And Hot Towels really kept 'em coming. After about four, they started to stack up on the machine like planes above Kennedy.
Hot Towels came by again and the Quad Queen ordered yet another. Hot Towels looked at me and raised an eyebrow. "Do it. Do it?"

I finally had to admit defeat. "I'm not... ready quite yet."

"OK, you need to work on that."
Sideways quad with multiplier!
Dinner at the diner, everything else was finer.
Casual fine dining high atop the sparkling city in the Rainbow Room Coffee Shop.

Chicken Barfredo
A real dud - the chicken alfredo. Yuk and yuk. Not even additional cheese from the salad bar could help it along. Oh well, every now and again you get a dud. I should have just had salad bar like QQ.
Chicken Barfredo - a la Salad Bar Pre-mix
The Quad Queen got 34 - count 'em - 34 scratch cards today. Including a couple of $3 ones and a $5 one! And yet... with all that, she lost today.

I got 3. Including one for a natural quad on Loose Deuces. I had a spectacularly bad day today and lost too. There was some dollar play in there and this and that, but I only had about 2 hours of seat time.

We put about 25,000 points on QQ's card in a bid to get her to Emerald, so she can skip lines too.

Quad Queen -$400 on the day, -$870 on the trip
Royal Flusher -$720 on the day, +$2220 on the trip


    1. I do know that waitress - she is one of my favorites there. Very sweet girl. Since I stay at 4 Queens and MSS a lot I really enjoy your reports!

    2. I mentioned QQ, 34 scratch cards to my wife and losing. Her response...I had 28 in a day and still lost!


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