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Monday, May 19, 2014

I Betted the Red Chips

Day 16 - continued

After dinner at Pizza Rock, I headed up to Fremont Street to drink the lights in for the last time. They were bright, with neon and incandescent notes, and a brilliant finish.

Speaking of brilliant finishes, I'd been using a phone app to check on the Keno results from my two 40 game tickets - and I had a happy but also kind of sick feeling about it.

I went upstairs at The D to check it.

Sure enough, on the 7 spot ticket, I'd gotten 6 out of 7. Just one more number and I'd have won $7000. I was trying to remember if the number I'd added at the last second was the missing one. I am pretty sure that it was.

One number off seven grand... instead, my win was $83. Happy? Sad? If I woulda? If I hadn't?...

As the Quad Queen and I say about gambling events that happen or don't happen while gambling, "That's gambling."

Back at the Downtown Grand I played a little video poker, taking it easy. Got a couple of things including yet another straight flush.

In the back of my mind I kept going over the key fob thing. I thought I'd seen it in my luggage when we were at the Golden Nugget, but I couldn't be sure. And Mrs. F and I had had the discussion about whether she should take both sets. I grilled her up and down on whether she'd indeed taken them. I was relentless. Brutal. I went all Nuremburg on her ass. The discussion went like this:

It was probably in my luggage somewhere. It would turn up.

Meanwhile, I headed to an empty blackjack table and sat down at first base, dumping my collection of reds and a couple of greens onto the felt, along with my Downtown Grand player's card.

I started in playing with a very fun indeed dealer who remembered me from a couple of days ago.

Carol, the pit boss, returned my card with a smile.

"I have red ones," I said.


"I have red ones. And I have green ones. I like the colorful ones," I said.

"Sure you do."

She backed away and I continued playing.

A couple of pretty good looking young women sidled up to the table and I said, "Oh, here's the real trouble - come on in ladies, the water's fine." I didn't really care if they joined in mid-shoe or not.

They chatted a bit and then one of them left.

A few hands went by and the remaining broad, the one with her hair up, sipping a wine spritzer, hadn't made a bet yet.

After about ten hands, I said, "Hey, you gonna play? Jump in if you want."

That's when I noticed her turned up little nose and the bitchy slanted eyebrows and the witches shoes.

"I prefer to play at tables alone."

"Excuse me?"

"I prefer to have a table to myself."

"I see. Whatever."

I kept playing. I looked at the dealer who rolled her eyes just a wee little bit.

The more I thought about this, the more pissed-offer I got. Really, what it boiled down to was, this self-important bitch was sitting there, watching, and waiting for me to lose all my money so she could have her table to herself.

I decided right then and there, that that was not going to happen.

And since I was still the only one playing at the table, I took my damn time.

Carol dropped by and I said to her, "I betted the red chip!!!"

"Oh you did! That's great!"

"Once I betted a green chip. I like the colors."

She finally caught on.

"The colors are pretty. You should get some of the purple ones!"

"Carol," I said, "the only way I'm ever getting a purple chip is to buy one at the cage."

Then I put my index finger on a red $5 chip and slowly pushed it into the betting circle. Then I pulled it back. Then I pushed it... close to the line... back a bit... and finally in, and smiled at Miss Bitchly at third base, still blowing bubbles up her nose with her spritzer.

I looked at her and smiled.

"I betted the red chip."

I was dealt a three and a duece. I looked at Carol. "Should I take a card?"

I took my damn sweet time. The dealer was killing herself giggling.

"I dunno.... five, that's a pretty strong hand against your ten. What do you think?... Should I?... Shouldn't I?..."

Do you think I was being rude? What I thought was rude was someone waiting and hoping that I would lose.

I decided to just get on with it and kept playing. Twenty minutes went by and I was doing okay. I got talking to Carol about the video poker conditions, my win, etc. She brought the floor shift supervisor over to talk to me because I had so much feedback about the poor paytables.

She came over with a couple of lackeys, a pen, and a comment card and we had a good discussion. I could tell that she'd heard it all before but she promised me that the message would get delivered to the top in her nightly report and they would hear the feedback.

I also filled out a comment card and explained why the Downtown Grand should improve their paytables on video poker, back to what they were on the first 3 days they were open.

I am convinced that they will listen to The Flush and fix this immediately.

You're welcome.

Once this was all done, the bitch-dragon-in-waiting left. So I won that little battle. But really, who needs it? I've never encountered anything quite like that at any table anywhere.

I'd had a fun night regardless but finally did get felted.

I looked at Carol.

"I losted my red chips."

Back up in the room, I emptied my luggage and went through absolutely everything.

My keys were absolutely nowhere to be found.

Quad Queen: trip -$1620
Royal Flusher: day -$180 day +$1210 trip


    1. You should have followed Solo Table girl around and joined in wherever she played.

    2. Ticatsfan…that would have been such a great play! I could see spending the day just screwing on that wicked witch. lmao.

    3. Hilarious! Glad you won that battle!

    4. I won't go near the Downtown Grand until they fix those paytables!


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