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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OK, Don't Panic, Rebook For Free

Day 14 - Part 3
My trip home could easily turn into a 30 hour ordeal.
Okay, don't panic, check the Air FU Canada site. And they had an advisory up saying basically, rebook for free if you can.

I zipped to the rebooking tool and rebooked on the same flights but two days later. No way was I going to risk getting stuck in Toronto. Because the commuter flights to places like Flusherville are the first to get cancelled. Those rubber bands get stiff in snowstorms!

The plane taken care of I thought about what else I needed to do. I got Jimmy Poon on the horn and told him to come up with some story and cover me at Veeblefetzer. Then I hauled ass down to the lobby and got my room booked for the extra two nights. I'd worry about the rates later - just get the booking done so I had a room. And then the car. It was surprisingly efficient. In five minutes on the phone, my car was extended by two days.

I felt a sense of freedom and happiness. Two free days in Vegas. It was all a bonus, a gift. There was an eclipse coming. I had a great room and great coffee in the morning. Jimmy Poon had my back at work. The weather was perfect. 

I was in Vegas and I was up on the day, and the trip.

The moon was rising - I'd check it out later to see if I could see it gone.

First stop, the casino to see if those damn Aces Kicker were still unclaimed. They STILL had not been hit and were now over $850, the highest I'd ever seen an Aces Kicker progressive go. Hitting that would take a bit of the sting out of the brutal paytable. 

I ordered up some Absolut rockses and set about getting them.

I got quad 5s instead.
 And then I got quad 5s instead, a second time. Oddly, I hit quad fives three times in a row, from two (including the one at the El Cortez).
It didn't happen for me, needless to say. I sure gave it a good shot, playing maybe an hour or so. Eventually my buy-in and the quad money went bye-bye into the bucket of cash underneath the bar.

I hungered. I'd wanted to try Pizza Rock for some time and so I headed across 3rd street. They had a bunch of fancy-ass pizzas ready to go for slices. I went in and picked a couple and did take-out, hurrying them back to my room in a stylish cardboard container (known as a 'pizza box'), where I ate them in front of the laptop while screwing around on the internet.

They were pretty damn good and I resolved to try a freshly made pie as soon as I could. As in very soon.
Not quite ready to hit the hay, I thought I'd see if I could do some more damage at the Fremont on the triple play STP machines.

And those same little old Hawaiian I.S.G.s with their high fiving and chicken were there!

And so was bowing guy!

I was greeted warmly and grabbed the fourth seat, on the end again, next to bowing guy.

"You're here again?! Don't tell me you never left!"

"We got our chicken and we've been here ever since," said I.S.G. #1.

Play commenced. And bowing praying guy started doing his thing again every time there was a multiplier. And again, it was kind of getting to me.

Finally he said something that made a light go on in my head. I realized something. And there was a faint pink glow emanating from my eye sockets and shining ever so gently onto the machine. I think maybe my eyes had gotten loosened up from the roasted hot peppers at Tacose El Gorrrrrrdo.

"Dude." I said in my 'heppest' voice.

"Dude. I have to ask. Just what are you doing when you get a spinner?..."

"I'm listening to see if there's a dealt hand or not."

Suddenly, yeah, I got it. He'd get the spinner and then listen for what kind of hand it was. If it was something paying, he'd hear it. The casino was too loud to pick it up without putting his face next to the screen.

I was so relieved I didn't bother to tell him that this was stupid.

No, I just kept it to myself and hit a couple of quads.

Royal Flusher: +$300 Day, +$790 trip.


    1. years ago at Palazzo, an old lady said to me "a pair of fives is like kissing your sister" and since she put that hex on me I have hit fewer quad 5's than any other quad. It's nice to see someone is getting them.

      1. How did you know Flusher had a sister?


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