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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Puffed and Chuffed

Day 15 - Part 4

I strolled - nay, strutted - around the Downtown Grand casino, puffing my chest out, chuffed by my Aces Kicker take-down. Yes, puffed and chuffed.

Time to play some more of those left-over chips. I sat down at a table between a couple of other guys and played for a while. The guy on the left at third base looked like he'd settle in for the long haul. People at the table have a certain look when they've been there for a long time. Maybe it was the twitching left eye or the sloping shoulders. Maybe it was the cot he'd set up behind him.

Before long I realized that this guy had no clue how to play basic strategy, or if he did, he was ignoring it.

Like standing on 14 when he should take a card.

Or taking cards when he shouldn't and I notice he wins, and everybody else loses.

There's only one thing to do in a situation like that - run. I didn't say anything, not my style, and it's his money anyway, he can play how he likes. I don't have to watch it though!

I bailed and took my tired ass to bed.

Day 16 comin' up!

Quad Queen: -$1620 trip
Royal Flusher: +$600 day, +$1390 trip.

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