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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Room Key Roulette

Day 13 - part 3

I went flying down the exit of the Planet Hollywood parkade 'Bullitt' style - jumping boom, boom, boom. The downward slope of the exit really helped the little Corolla gain speed. I must have topped out at 17 or 18 miles an hour.

I made a left and then another left to head North on Audrie, trying to avoid the strip. But Audrie petered out at Paris and I had to make another left to head west to the strip. This funneled me into the clustercircle that is the Paris porte cochon. I veered right into the circle, then dodged left to avoid valet and drop-offs, and then I had to veer right again across four lanes of backed up traffic to get into a right turn lane for the strip. Naturally the taxis graciously let me in. Yeah right. These assholes honked at me no end as I tried to get where I was going. I even had my signal on fer cryin' out loud!

I wormed my way up the strip and broke a bunch of distracted sitting in traffic laws to bring you these:

Bellagio always looks wonderful.
Cromwell, High Roller, and taxi 3630.

Celines Palace.
I almost ran over a couple of dead mermaids from the now ruined Buccaneer Bay.
Traffic was okay and before long I passed Wynn and Encore and, knowing the area from the last couple of trips, I wheeled right into the correct parking lot for Tacos El Gordo!

I was so excited! I'd been intending to eat here for at least a couple of trips, and finally, the moment was at hand. I just had time to whip in, eat, head downtown and check in at the Downtown Grand, and then get back to the Cal, check out, get my stuff, and wheel back to the Grand.

Except for this:

Even as I checked to see how long the wait was, the line was getting longer.

Taco. Denied.

I didn't have time to wait around. Damn, and I was so hungry, too. What a rip-off! And the line meant that Tacose El Gorrrrdo (every time I said it out loud to myself as I muttered, I would always fake a latino accent) was even more wonderful and special than I had thought, since so many were willing to wait.

Sad, I hauled ass up the strip to the Downtown Grand. I found a spot right outside Pizza Rock, a few steps from the lobby. Sweet. Minor karmic compensation for the loss of my virgin Tasose El Gorrrrdo meal.

I checked in at the front desk - no line. There were no complimentary upgrades available but I could get a King something or other room if I didn't mind a smoking room.

Don't ask me why, but I said yeah sure. (It was pretty much okay over my stay - smoke bothered me a few times for a few minutes at a time, but generally, it wasn't too bad.)

The room was really comfortable with separate drinks sink off the bathroom, a proper safe, large countertop, shower (no tub) with that weird glass half-wall. Very comfy bed and furniture, cool carpet and colors and great view east to the mountains. I tried very hard to get a picture that showed both the room and the view of the mountains, but the light difference just made it too difficult. I even tried using the flash and all that kind of thing, but eventually said, ah fuck it.

Overall, they did a nice job of renovating the rooms that were once the Lady Luck. I wasn't too keen on the choice of sinks or the 'cell block' toilet.

So far, so good Downtown Grand. Now all they had to do was put the decent video poker back - more on that in a few posts.

Now that I'd checked in at the Downtown Grand, I had to get back to the Cal, check out, get my stuff, and wheel back to the Grand.

I found yet another great parking spot right outside the front door of the Cal. I walked inside and the security guard was all over me. Something about a 'red zone'. Do I look like I know from red zones???? Maybe I'm color blind! (I'm not.) Apparently it was a sure ticket and tow if I stayed there. I went right back to the car, embarrassed, and moved. Where?

Main Street Station valet, of course, which is right across the street from the tower we'd stayed in at the Cal. Very savvy parking move! I dumped the car, gave the guy a couple of bills and told him to keep it close, and water the three mares.

Walking across Main street I was accosted by a helmetless man on a scooter, yelling at me that people got tickets for jay-walking 'in this town'. Was everybody out to cut off, honk at, deny Tacose El Gorrrrrdo, red zone and generally mess with the Flusher today??? Sheesh.

I was already packed up, so I whipped up to the room, took the $20 bill that Mrs. Flusher had left on the pillow for the maid and replaced it with a 50 cent piece and three Canadian nickels. I needed gambling money badly!

Now just a damn minute. You don't really believe that do you? Of course I left the $20 for the maid! I'm not that karmically stupid. (At least, not constantly. Part of the time, maybe.)

The next step on the hotel shuffle was to shlep the bags to the car. I played Room Key Roulette, tossing my key into the room as the door slammed shut and locked - presuming I had gotten every single last one of my possessions safely packed up.

Oh man it felt great to be 'living on the edge'. First red-zone parking and jay-walking, now THIS!

I wanted to take another run at getting some cheap knock-off anti-tummy discomfort (aka GASSS) pills. I knew there was a Wal-mart on Charleston. And I was starving. So why not find some other ethnic eatery to try out?

I fired up Googley Maps and put in 'mexican food charleston' and guess what it came up with?

No, really. Guess.

Not only was there another Tacose El Gorrrrrrrdo in town, it was the ORIGINAL LOCATION. The Strip Tacose El Gorrrrrrrrrrdo was just a tourist-oriented knock-off.

I headed out to find my fate and have my first authentic taco at the real deal original genuine accept no substitutes Tacose El Gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrdo.


    1. I can see a bout of the runs coming real soon.

    2. Why do you check in and then check out as opposed to check out and then check in? Know what I mean?

      I did that jaunt around Paris last week while staying at Bally's.

    3. I was checking in early at the Grand Mervis_Earl. I don't like to move the bags until I know I have a place to put them at the new hotel. No messing with checking them etc.


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