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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rollin' Smoke BBQ, Las Vegas

Rollin' Smoke BBQ is amazing. Genuine BBQ flavors that will make you weep with tasty tasty joy joy. Try the beef rib, trust me on this.

The full review has been uprooted from this, the trip report site, and plopped permanently on the Royal Flusher World site.

Rollin' Smoke Ribs. If only your eyeballs had tastebuds.


    1. Now that just got ME hungry!!!! Imma goin there on my next trip into HappyTown

    2. great report , as always.........hey, tell the QQ , when things aint going her way..........try to mix in some NSUD - Deuces Wild ......99.73 %..........they got em at the Fremont..........bish

    3. I have been reading each day..and feel like I'm there with you, but could never stay in LV that long playing VP..The food reviews are great and give you a break from the VP battle...Good luck

    4. Just got back from two weeks holiday ans have been loving catching up on the posts.
      Rolling smoke will definitley be on my schedule next time I visit Sin City, thanks Flush. Hope you hit something before you have to go.

    5. Great. Now that it's gotten a positive review by the Royal Flusher, Rollin' Smoke will be mobbed like Tacos El Gordo!


    6. Thanks for the review! I am heading there tonight or tomorrow!


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