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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Step by Step I Have Made the Correct Logical Decisions

Day 12

 "For a loser, Vegas is the meanest town on earth."
- Hunter S. Thompson

Day 12, the dirty dozen...

I was kind of disappointed that my $600 triumph two days before had been followed by a $600 defeat the very next day. When you get a big score early you want to try to preserve it and take it home with you. That was now again in jeopardy.

What kind of day would today be? It was the Quad Queen's last day in Vegas. And my third-last day. I had the Toyelpa Corolla, so that gave me some non-gambling options.

And it had to be said again, the weather was just spectacular. So sunny, breezy, not too hot. Every time I stepped outside a casino (which was about twice a day, for 1 minute and 39 seconds) I reveled in it.

We set out to stir the money in a very quiet California casino.

We'd seen a dog in the elevator and thought that maybe that was a good sign. The Quad Queen started off on 50 cent Bonus Poker and hit 6s within two minutes. I just rolled my eyes. She parlayed that up to dollars and it was gone in one minute.
I got one quad along the way.
But in the end, as is often the case, particularly in the morning at the Cal... this trend continuing... I lost $60 in an hour and the Quad Queen lost $160.

That set me up for a nice breakfast at the counter. Eggs and such, the usual. It's quick and yummy.

By noon, it was already in the dumper. The Queen was down $400 and I was down $260.

How is this possible?!

It was time for lame room rest and relaxation. I broke out the Chromecast and got Jimmy Poon on the blower to help me set it up. It took some doing but I managed to get Netflix casting off of the Quad Queen's niPad onto the room TV. We took advantage of this high tech marvel to watch part of an episode of Star Trek - the one where Spock ponders "step by step I have made the correct logical decisions... and yet 600 dollars have died!!!" - and an episode of Emergency. That Randolph Mantooth, what an actor!

About 3:46:19 we headed down to the casino again and chatted with a host about why my offers don't include tournaments anymore, which seemed odd since I was now line-skipping Emerald. In a nutshell, I got nowhere, but I did get asked, "Would you like to eat? Where? Where?"

We couldn't decide! I wasn't sure I wanted to risk being served by the worst waiter in the world who shall not be named, but if you've had him at Redwood Grill, you know who and what of I speaketh.

We decided on the buffet at Main Street Station.

We were near some crazy volatile longshot machines so I suggested we give it a whirl.

"Remember that time I showed you a machine that had a big pay for any Aces and you sat down and got it in three hands?" I said?

Guess what.

She did it again.
 And for good measure, another.

We played some other stuff but nothing much happened. Because losing. So, to our trusty spinners at the Fremont.

We managed to grab the two machines on the right side of the bank of four. I prefer to play on the other end because the smoke drifts that way.

In this case, though, I was faced with someone my notes refer to as 'Stinky Guy'. Every now and again I kept catching these whiffs of putridism, the kind that make your entire face pucker like a whale's anus.

As we played, the usual player to player chit-chat started. But I wasn't really encouraging it.

He/She (not sure) was playing nickels with those long stained fingers, nails uncut since probably Christmas.

Stinky Guy got a nice winning and turned to me. Looked me in the eye. Raised one of those stinky chimp hands...

High five time.

I'm sure my head dropped a little, and I managed to find a bunch of body movements that thrashed about, pointed, waved, made a thumbs up, pretended to suppress a cough and somehow, somehow....

High five denied.

The claw scurried back to its buttons like a crab under the rocks.

I hadn't been doing well, and I was down on the day quite a bit. And then, I kind of went on a tear.

Won 200 quarters.

Stinky Guy: "Nice!"

I grabbed my drink with both hands. Put it down and went for a kleenex to do an unneeded blow. Disaster averted.

And then, the 10x pay thingy came up in the last card position. I had two nines already. I started giving the machine hell, "C'MON! NINE!!! NINE!!! BE A NINE!!!!!! NINE!!!!!!"

And the Quad Queen was yelling for a nine. And S.G. was yelling for a nine. And the guy on the far end was yelling for a nine.

"C'MON.............    NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!"

S.G. turned to me, smiling as wide as a hooker. Looked me in the eye. Raised one of those stinky chimp hands...


    1. Just love your trip reports!!!

      I will be in Vegas in june for two weeks!

      Greetings from London

    2. Leaving us hanging like that is just plain wrong :) Bad Flusher !


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