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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tacos El Gordo - Three El Caminos, Hold the Onions

Day 13 - Part 3

It turns out I had passed very close to the original Tacos El Gordo in my late-morning rental car romp. And it wasn't really near to Wal-Mart on Charleston, but that didn't matter. I shot south on Main and left onto Charleston East. It only took a couple of minutes until I was there.
Classic El Camino!

Tacose El Gorrrrdo
You can read the complete Tacos El Gordo Royal Flusher Restaurant Review on the Royal Flusher World site.


    1. I find it always best to stick with Carne Asada. Pretty sure there's no cow brains, tongues or other undesirable innards. Well, kinda sure. wpete

    2. You should of given it a Royal because you didn't get killed in neighborhood. Next time try the restaurant in Cardenas off Decatur, and you only have a 5% of getting robbed.

    3. Adobada is the way to go, Flushie Baby!


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