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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Mesmerizing Lights of Glitter Alluvial Plain

Day 10 - Part 3

For part 3 of day 10 on our Vegas adVenture, we thought, why not play triple play super times pay at Fremont?

And so we did.

Super Times Pay is such a fun game. The randomly appearing multipliers add to the excitement - you always hope you get some kind of a paying hand when you have a good multiplier. And, it's (theoretically) possible to nab an incredibly huge score. You could have a 10x multiplier (the highest) and get dealt a Royal Flush for a cool $30,000 on an 18 quarter bet. I'm guessing that that hand doesn't come up all that often, though.

Fremont is always buzzing, it seems. It can be a bit smoky in there, but it is busy, noisy and fun. The four STP machines are very popular, as are the multiplay machines just behind them.

So, in our improved situation, we were finally having some fun on the day. When either of us got a multiplier, we'd both watch. Sometimes other players stop and watch too, everybody rooting each other on.

I had a 4x multiplier come up and was dealt a pair of Aces. Of course, you always kind of go, 'c'mon two more Aces, let's get it'. And by the pants of Jimmy Poon, I got what was easily my best multiplier hand ever. Four Aces on the middle line at 4x pay, for $400!

That was a pretty darn sweet hand. I cashed out the ticket and started again, and soon followed up with a straight flush from three. I really seemed to have broken the curse of the missing straights flush this trip.
The Quad Queen didn't seem to hit much - at least, I have no notes and no pictures of anything, and no recollection of any of the events that day in a court of law, but through hook or by crook or by multiplier, she cashed out a $200 ticket as well. Between us, we cashed $900 at the Fremont.
I'd have to say that the walkabout hit-and-run was a success. Dinner beckoned and as the sun set on the valley, the lights of Glitter Gulch (and the neighboring Glitter Alluvial Plain) were switched on by the unseen flying monkey butlers that run such things in this town.
Dinner? Where else but the coffee shop, where we cut the significantly long line so as to get one of their famous country fried pork chops. It was actually very tasty. I added salad bar and ended up not being able to finish the chop. I think there was half a pig on my plate. Mrs. Flusher had something equally delightful - Pre-mix Salad Bar from the vat they'd installed at my insistence.

For now, it seemed like my partnership with the Quad Queen would survive this trip, disaster having been averted somewhat by our savvy hit-and-run wins. But in future, clearly, she would have to address her style of play, because it wasn't fun anymore for her. For myself, I see no need to change much, except I'd like to play more blackjack. No penalties for a win over $1200 there - something which I have yet to accomplish. In fact, I am a neophyte at the game, with my biggest win being around a couple hundred bucks.

In any case, here is how the day ended up. We were back in the black again, which was comforting.

Quad Queen -$260 day -$1830 on the trip
Royal Flusher +$600 day +$1920 on the trip


    1. Great job Flushers! Back in the black, enjoying and grateful.
      Keep it going!

    2. Keep it going dude. I feel a big win for Quad queen coming up.

      White socks with leather shoes at the pool? I care nothing for fashion, yet even I cocked an eyebrow there flush.

    3. There are many of us who would like to see a picture of the mysterious and wonderful Flusher and his Queen. Would you take a selfie of the two of you so we can put a face with this dialogue? So much fun.......

    4. No it ifs not fun when you lose and people do lose. As soon as she's hits she will be all happy again. That is hours it works, wee all have felt it except you since you seen to never lose.

    5. That sure is how it works, but you have to remember - when you see all those pictures of winning hands, it doesn't mean winning on the day or the trip. They look pretty but like everyone else, I have more losing sessions than winning ones. I try to make up the difference in comps.

      Also - read the trip report before this one, I lost my ass HUGE.


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