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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Continental Breakfast Means Stale Donuts, Right?

Wednesday October 9, 2002

Westward Ho Mega Dog. There are no substitutes.
I slept okay once I put in some earplugs. Got up, and planned my day.

The complimentary ‘Continental Breakfast’ was served in a small lounge just off the bar. It’s sticky carpet stank of last night’s beer spills, the night before last night’s beer spills, and the last 3000 nights before the night before last night’s beer spills.

The ‘Continental Breakfast’... consisted of ordered-in donuts, and church-basement stainless steel coffee vats of luke-warm, thin, acidy coffee. I choked down a donut and some of the swill and as soon as I could, I moved on.

I will never forget the smell of that bar carpet.

(That’s because, 12 years down the road, it is still in some of my old clothing.)

I gave the 9/6 Jacks progressive a try but went down $60 without hitting anything much. Aces kept showing so I decided to try White Hot Aceses - one $20 bill. With 15 credits left on the machine, I hit it. Held two aces and got two more (that would be for a total of four aceses….) for $300 (1200 quarters - in case you were counting.)

I had fun cashing out the coins and carting them up to the cashier.

Got a safety deposit box and put my life-sustaining traveller’s checks in there, and then tourned around Circus Circus and the Riviera. Got a free mug and a Riviera troll doll. Did various VP play.

For lunch, I ate buffet at the Ca-Fae back at the ‘Ho. It was $6.95 less a dollar off coupon.

I tried the Jacks yet again and this time got a $20 profit out of it.

Time to hit the pool. It was hot! I took stock of things and thought about the relaxation items I wanted to do on the trip.

First and foremost, I wanted to not look at any of the other pool visitors. Second, I wanted to keep up with the meditation and relaxation time-outs, and thirdly, I wanted to take some artistic photographs, expressing my personal view of the unnatural beauty that is and are the casinos of Las Vegas, instead of gambling constantly.

So, I was relaxing, and so far, I was up on the trip $200 or so. Yes!

Live Gaming and $1 craps... 
After my swim, I hit the casino for a while and downed a certain number of shots of bourbon. This led pretty much directly to nap-time back in the room.

I woke up after a deep sleep, feeling kinda crappy from the bourbon, my stomach doing flip-flops. Nevertheless, I had a big evening planned - the comped Grubsteak Jamboree BBQ dinner and show.

A rare peek inside the now long gone Westward Ho.
Once again, I played my favorite Jacks and also some 9/7 Double Bonus - no quads ensued. Stupidly I had a few more shots, and my stomach was sour and acidy. But people were already lining up for this jamboree thingy - the line snaked right by the Jacks bank and reached the front of the casino, at the strip.

Not wanting to wait forever, I got in line.


    1. OMG! Did Flusher make it to the Grubsteak Jamboree? Or did his queasy guts require him to retire to his room?

      Oh yeah, just hit 'Next Post' to find out. Sorry for the pointless post.

    2. That JoB Progressive was my first jackpot. It was a good one.


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