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Monday, June 23, 2014

Drag it to the Palace

The morning started perfectly. Up at 7:00am. Shower. Casino. Coffee. Bet $20 and win $20 at Jacks. Breakfast buffet with the little perfect oval waffles, sausage, fruit, coffee.

Schumacher won the Sapporo Grand Prix (like everyone figured he would) so the bet on Coulthard was lost. Schumi was 1-2 odds.

Back to the casino - why is it one day you can play for two hours on a $20 bill and the next a 20 doesn’t last 3 minutes?

I tried to find my luck at Jacks, White Hot Aceses, All American, dollar Jacks, Deuces, dollar slots. Nothing doing, nada.

What a crappy blow-out session. Lost about $130. When there are two of you, one’s good sessions can balance the other’s bad ones. With one person, when it’s bad, its all bad.

Just as well, it was time to pack up and check out. So I got myself packed and took a detour to the 18th floor stairwell to take some pictures. It was a great spot to get some fairly unique shots - because nobody ever goes there.

I checked out - no charges. All three nights and all the buffets were comped. Not bad. The rate was $79 a night so I got comped more than I lost.

I closed up the S.D.B. and played a $20 for Mrs. F in Jacks. Profited $30. Then, I picked up my cashback - $32! So things were moving positively in spite of my bad start.

Rather than piss off a cab driver, I just dragged my luggage to my next hotel… Caesars Palace.

It took 10 minutes roughly to get there and I hauled my shit up to check-in desk number 15, featuring Kimberly. Now, I felt that I ‘connected’ with Kimberly (now aka ‘Kim’). Laughing, chatting and so on. She gave me a Jacuzzi room on the 14th floor. Strip view.

I went up and dumped my stuff and the room was very nice indeed.

Down to the casino to challenge Caesar himself. Or, at least, his slot and VP machines. One great place to play is the area around Cleopatra’s Barges. Which is what Richard Burton said. Because Cleopatra had some of the nicest barges you’re ever gonna find in Vegas, or any other place.

Anyway, I dipped my fingers into the 50 cent full pay Bonus Poker of Cleopatra and quickly ran that allllll the way up to $43.50. And then I cashed out.

Talk about hit and run!

I decided to check out the pool. It was great, really nicely done, lots of beautiful people, lots of beautiful women, and their barges. There is at least 3 pools, fountains, palm trees, spas, etc.

Lunch was enjoyed poolside from some sort of walk-up and take-away counter. I had a chicken barge sandwich, and a bottled water.

Once I had eaten the sandwich and unbottled the water, I laid in the sun. Took a swim or two to cool off. Got to listen to the band rehearse for the evenings Martin Short show.

Finally, I’d had enough relaxation, and went up to my jacuzzi suite to change, and then head out on a VP walkabout.

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