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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thanks for Stopping By

Thanks for stopping by my little degenerate corner of the internet.

The biggest thing that happened lately was the Nifty Fifty trip, which is reported in all it's glory right here:

Las Vegas Trip Report XXXXX - The Nifty Fifty!!!!

One exciting piece of news is that the Four Queens has indeed improved their offers to me and the Quad Queen - so the heavy play in the disastrous Spirit of Savvy Trip is coming back in dribs and drabs. More specifically, in the form of $300 free play, meals fully covered including room service, and one dinner at Hugo's.
One of these three knows what she's doing.
I kid, I kid -
none of them do.
Who could ask for more? Great VP, great offers, the best mixologists in Vegas at the bars... a little refurb to the rooms and I'd never leave.

Oddly, since I became Emerald at Boyd properties, the offers have dropped off. Either they think I win or I haven't been careful enough maintaining a high daily average (even though I thought I had been). Perhaps checking points or getting a meal on points on a day when we weren't playing at Boyd triggered a zero day or two, pulling down our averages? In any case the Quad Queen and I no longer get invited to the VP or slot tournaments there.

So in the offer department, the Four Queens is winning by a Clark County mile.

I can't tell you when the next live or post-live trip report will be - but I can promise you that 'really soon now' I will have a blast-from-the-past never before published vintage trip report from the Las Vegas that time has forgot (specifically, 2002).

So c'mon back in a few weeks and we'll have that for you.

Here it is! Vintage 2002 Report - Vegas on $19 a Night!

Jimmy Poon was not impressed when he read that I'd lost his key fob and has been refusing to help me with the running of the blog. I'm sure it will pass though, he gets bored if he isn't tinkering with the HTMLB code or whatever it is, or designing a solar-powered point 'n shoot microwave gun for making S'mores on the run.

Kenny Blankenship at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer plant, where I spend the best hours of my day watching grommets fall like falcon poops into a dumpster sized bin, says he has a hankering to go to Vegas. Considering Kenny doesn't drink or gamble, I'm sure that it would suit him perfectly.

We'll see.

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    1. A post!! A post!! Bless you! Can't wait for 2002 to finally up and get here!


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