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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Westward Ho!

I settled in. Grabbed a window seat. Played the empty middle seat karma prayer game. If you claim it too early with a coat or other possession, someone will take it.

But its all good. I’m doing a little meditation, and we’re almost set. I’m unwinding.

Then I hear it.

“KAHKKH! KAHKKH!” - with a bit of a whine to it. Same fucking idiot, one row back, other side of the plane.

The stewardess floated down the aisle and tossed each of us a chicken wrap. It wasn’t bad.

I did some heavy meditation on the plane, focussed on gambling only when feeling positive, and never when feeling not
positive, or, ‘negative’ one could say.

Never play in anger of frustration. Never chase.

We reached Denver on time. Had a beautiful view of the crescent moon and clouds. I made a grab for my camera - and dumped my carefully stowed slot cards and other gambling and travel supplies all over the deck. Missed getting the shot of the moon. Cursed the coughing guy.

Denver’s airport is freaking huge. I was at gate 48 and had to go to gate 16. Doesn’t sound too bad right?

Saw a sign that said gates 15-42, this way. Okay, maybe it wasn’t too bad. Good thing, because I was tight on time to make the connection. Walked 200 yards. Saw a sign that said gates 15-36. Walked another 200 yards. Saw a sign that said gates 15-30. Walked another 200 yards.

Gate 16 was at the far, far, far end of the terminal. I only had time to get my seat assignment (9A), buy a calling card, call home for one minute. I got frisked and had to take my shoes off, got patted down, bag inspected, etc. etc.

Got on board to find that row 9A was an exit row with extra legroom. And there was nobody in the middle seat. Ah….!

Finally, I arrived in Vegas. Waited for my bag, got my bag and then waited for the shuttle to take me to the Westward Ho.

Oh my God, the ride took forever. We stopped at what seemed like 18 places before heading into the industrial no-mans land west of the strip. We wound through 43 right and left turns in the putrid pink maze of the Circus Circus parking compound.

And finally, we arrived at the 'Ho.

I tipped the shuttle guy $1 even though he didn’t help with my bag at departure. He didn’t thank me. The extra karma was probably worth the dollar though.

Ho map. I had a room up above the rats, near the pool. Fantastic!
I checked into the room which was in a series of double-decker motel-like structures behind the casino. My room was on the second decker, one floor above the first decker. It was conveniently located about 125 paces (I counted) from the casino - pretty convenient, considering the Westward Ho motel compound stretched back for acre after acre towards the freeway.

The room? The room was okay - a rage of mediocrity in brow, beige, tan, brown, pissy yellow, and brown.

It contained a coffee maker. A clock, which was bolted down. And the rest of the usual room type stuff, done on the cheap.

The room had a dazzling view of the Circus Circus Big Top, and the Westward Ho pool. I could also see the Stratosphere and some other tall buildings.

Ho pool.
I headed to the casino to do a quick reconnoiter. It was small, not too crowded, but the people were there were pretty much oldsters. I had the prime rib for dinner at the Ca-Fae - yes, that’s how it was spelled - for $5.95 plus I had a dollar off coupon. It was excellent!

Finally, time to hit the casino! I started out on a bank of full pay 9/6 Jacks or Better with a progressive on the Royal. The progressive was up to $1,600. I played about 40 minutes on $60, and took a break to look around a little more.

Found some trinkets in the gift shop to bring back to Mrs. F. - a little doggy charm to remind her of Chippy when she wasn’t with Chippy (our trusty Dane-Huahua). It cost all of $4.
Chippy as a pup, and Duke. Times two.
I won 200 quarters on a Double Diamond slot on the end of a row of slots near the gift shop - hit double bar, Double Diamond, Double Diamond.

I was tired and it was time to turn in, down $16 on my first night in Vegas.

Note. At the ‘Ho, 10 points, is 175 quarters = 35 hands = $43.75 coin in.

I started with 1002 points and at the end of the day had 1096 points. So, I played about 330 hands on the Jacks in 45 minutes.


    1. Wait- Chippy? Isn't Chippy still alive? Dane- huahua's live for 12 years? How can any dog survive in Flusherville for more than 12 years?

    2. Dane huahuas can live up to 18 years if they don't get their heads stuck in anything serious.


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