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Monday, June 23, 2014

You want to bet that now?

First stop, Bellagio, where I played a $20 and cashed out $35.

Heidi at Bellagio

At Luxor, in the quiet area by the waterfall, played a $20 and then a $20 for Mrs. Flusher. On the 2nd hand of ‘her’ $20 I was dealt a nice quad - deuces for $52 (progressive).

From Nefertiti's Lounge, Luxor, 2002

Dinner? Pyramid Cafe at Luxor.

I had the huge chicken fajitas meal, which was sizzling and wonderful. Then I played a final $20 for myself and Hey! Nailed four deuces AGAIN. (2014 Flusher: WHERE ARE THE VP PICS???).

At Excalibur, on the way back, I lost $25 in slots and VP. On to Paris via MGM! (2014 Flusher: These pictures are kinda all jumbled up. And some of 'em are from a different trip the same year. The 2002 Flusher was not as anal organized as the 2014 version of Flusher.)

I had a $10 match play, so I gingerly approached a craps table. I don’t know much about craps. I bought in for $10 showed the guy my coupon.

I put it all down on the pass line and the shooter rolled a 5. Next roll…. a 5. And so I won a quick $20! Craps is easy!

I had another coupon for Bally’s so I headed over there and found a craps table, and repeated what I’d done before, putting down $10 and the coupon.

“You want to bet that now?” said the dealer.

“Ummm… well, yeah… I guess so,” I said.

I put my coupon along with two reds on the pass line. I didn’t realize it but there was already a point established. And the point was 9.

By pushing me to bet mid-roll, the dealer had me down on bet on which the odds were 3:2 against the shooter making it.

(I know all this now, but I didn’t know it then.)

It was kind of a cheap shitty thing for the dealer to do.

Anyway… next roll…. shooter rolls a 10. Nothing happens. At this point I’ve realized that I should have waited for a new come-out roll. I start fuming.

Next roll…. 9. In your face, asshole. Another quick $20 profit.

At the cage, waiting in line to cash in my meagre handful of reds, I got behind some guy and he is taking forever. He cashes in chips and gets a bundle of hundreds. With a band around it. And $500 besides. Probably $5500. I go and cash in my $30 right behind him, pretending to be proud as punch.

Back at Caesars, Mrs F. had asked me to play a $5 slot for $100 when I was feeling lucky. That was now.

$100 in a $5 slot is way, way above our heads, but no risk, no reward.

Unfortunately, not much came out of it. Enough said.

I played another $60 at the Barges, and it lasted an hour. Had some great people watching, rockin’ tunes going on, drinking Jack and cokes. It was a great time.

I’d been dealt 4 to a straight flush three times during the day - including once on 50 cent VP at the barge. It reminded me of the time Mrs. Flusher had 4 to a straight flush - and a paying flush - on the same machine I was playing. That time she went for it and nailed the straight flush. Not a very savvy play, but ballsy and with lucky outcome. I had no such luck however.

In fact, I got no quads in that session, or anytime after Luxor, which was kind of a drag. All in all, though, it was a pretty great day.

I tucked myself up in my jacuzzi, dropped off to sleep. (You paying attention?...)

Here's some more Vegas eye-candy.

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