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Friday, September 26, 2014

Behold, the Dabbling LuLU

She was out on her feet, this girl, and I kept her from falling over and guided her into the seat - right next to Kenny, who was now pinned in the booth by Tiffany the Seizure Taco Woman.

We tried to talk to her and get her to stay put but next thing she got up and lurched away. Again I tried to steady her but all of a sudden she took three big steps away and hit the floor.

Apparently her friends were at the back at the restaurant. And apparently, she was dehydrated or something. Or having a seizure, it was hart to say.

As a master in these kind of emergency situations, I did what had to be done.

I ate lunch. And was good, but there was a certain shaky tension hanging over all of us, drenched with sweat from the heat, and the adrenalin of having braved an attack by the zombie youth-woman.

When we finished eating, I went back and talked to her - she seemed better, lucid, and was icing a knee, which she’d bashed in the fall. She was a little embarrassed. Not epileptic, just dehydrated in the killer Vegas heat.

And that was our first and only excursion to the Strip copy of Tacos El Gorrrrrdo. We all agreed that we probably would not go back this trip. Yes the food is good, but there are too many cat fights and zombied out clammy chubby youngsters falling in your meal.

One really good thing about this whole experience, was that I discovered Mulas. They heat up a couple of double tortillas, and some cheese as well, and then the whole thing comes together with the filling in a round sandwich.

Here's a picture off their website:

Maybe a Mulas is worth getting into a catfight over...


After lunch, Kenny wanted to hit the Walgreen’s nearby, to get a 45 gallon drum of sunscreen - much needed in summer in Vegas, when you have designs on the pool at Encore. So, even as the car-yogurt festered, we pharmashopped. I decided I wanted to have some cigars, but couldn’t find anything remotely what you would call ‘good’. I settled on a four-pack of Hobo’s Choice Super Stogies - four for ten bucks. Boy if Licorice Petey could see me now, he’d be waiting on me to throw the butt end away so he could have a good smoke.

We held our noses from the dumpster stench, beat out the flames inside the inferno that was now my rental car after it having sat in the high noon sun, and wheeled over to Encore where I checked in and managed to get a room on the same floor as Kenny and LuLU. We were both on the north side and it certainly was quieter there than the south side, I would find out that evening. I took a rest after the crazy Tacos El Gorrrdo Cat Fight and Zombie Hipster Seizure lunch, then a long shower and shave. About five-ish I headed down to the casino to do what I do.
View from Encore
In this case, Triple Play Double Double Bonus Super Times Play. Somehow, a hundred of my dollars disappeared! It took less than ten minutes. Wot, cur?!

I gave myself some more hundies to bring my daily budget up to $1,000. Because degenerate.

I put a second hundred in and halfway through that, this happened.

Holy shit what a relief!

I ended up cashing out $503 - a winning session. I pinged the lovebirds and told Kenny to get his lobeless ears, and the rest of him, down to the casino, along with LuLU. We decided to go on walkabout and see this and that, and that’s just what we did. We got lost on the way to Venetian and ended up walking through the greenery on the south side of Wynn.

And what did we see but security guards holding up another Zombie Seizure chick who had the same zoned out glassy look and rigid falling-over stance that our friend in Tacos El Gorrrrdo had.

Ultimately, we ended up at the Grand Luxe at the Venetian for some supper. They have a huge menu - almost too big. Actually…. yes, it is too big. Way too big.

I had a pasta dish that came with a bucket’o noodles, and they had some Luxy somethings or other. All agreed it was very good indeed. We headed back and Kenny wasn’t feeling too great, so he headed up to the room, leaving LuLU and I staring at each other, with an entire casino at our disposal, asking each other what do you want to do.

Grand Luxe at the Venetian
Grand Luxe Jumbo Truckload of Spaghetti at the Venetian
First things first, I shepherded her over to the Red Club thingy booth and she got some sign-up bonuses which included ten bucks freeplay and, inexplicably, a triple CD set of Garth Brooks music.

It turned out LuLU was happy to sit next to me and get some pointers on video poker. I gave her the basics, and my strategy card for Jacks or Better. Within ten minutes, I’d blown through the $50 freeplay that came with my room offer, and she blew through her $10. We ordered some drinks, put money in, and plodded along.

I have to say, LuLU was a natural at video poker, for someone who professed to not really gamble much in the casino. She caught on very quickly and asked me only on the tougher hands. I kept one eye on her machine and kept her from making some of the basic rookie mistakes, like holding a low pair instead of a flush. And I explained why.

We had a nice time of it and I think LuLU enjoyed her dabbling. We called it a night and I headed upstairs down $400. It seemed like some sort of a victory, compared to how things had been going, and where I could have been.

Royal Flusher: Day $-400 Trip $-1560


    1. Y
      I guess Canadian restaurants serve meager portions. I expect that size portion for what you pay at the Venetian !

    2. I guess that Canadian restaurants serve meager portions. being from NY I expect that size portion for what you pay at the Venetian !!
      Besides you never order spaghetti ( pasta) any place but in a good Italian restaurant !!

    3. That portion was half eaten! It had to be a gallon of pasta.


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