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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Room Camping

Needing some more slot club cards, I stopped by the B-Connected booth. I got fixed up and the boothling asked if I was in for the tournament.

“No, I’m not…I didn’t know there was one.”

She made some typey typey and said, “You should ask your host and get in the tournament.”

Just then one of the marketing managers happened by and we recognized each other. I asked her about getting into the tournament and was told that it was for the ‘better players’.


I could not get into it.

Harumph Harumph!

Never hurts to try, but I felt a little stupid, which is saying a lot for a tool like me.

I regrouped in the room, and watched Obama on the TV a bit, talking about the Malaysian jetliner shoot-down. It looked like an isolated, tragic incident, not a full-on outbreak of attacks. At least not yet.

Shaved the little areas below my sideburns, and hopped into the shower, ready to get clean and shaved. Then I remembered that I hadn’t yet bought shaving cream. Now I would look like a clean fool until I could get my ass to Walgreens.

Walkabout happened, and I did make it to Walgreen’s without losing too much money. Mrs. Flusher had sent three special $100 bills for me to play on her behalf in various locations. The Fremont was one of them.

Mrs. Flusher was very unlucky.

Le Thai was right there, so I had the lunch special, which was great as always.

Back at the Fremont, I put $20 in Boner Deluxe and $20 in Pick’em, and then another $100 in Pick'em - and in fact, got a $150 quad and cashed out up $100 - my first winning session.

I went about fixing some dinner in my room, from the healthful things I’d bought at Hole Foods and stashed in the room refrigerator.
I got some blueberries out and they were super, super firm. And the yogurt was the thickest I’d ever encountered - I couldn’t even scoop any out of the tub, it was so thick. This is when it dawned on me that everything was frozen as solid as center ice. Fuck.
Time to do some room vacation camping.

Now where could a savvy traveller engaging in room camping warm up something frozen? in summer? in Las Vegas?
I managed to get a decent sort of meal out of it all but the strawberries were not gonna make it, having been frozen solid. I left the bluesberries out of the fridge - they could probably last a couple of days in the glacial aircon my room was blessed with.

To make the healthy meal even more nutritionally rounded, I added half a liter of wine from one of the two tetrapak’s I’d bought. Tetrapak! The marque of quality vintners!

It did the trick and I had a little rest.

Time to play at Main St. Station! I had another hundy of the Quad Queen’s to play, and play it I did, a twenty at a time, on various triple play machines. It was fruitless. I tried some of my own money, also without fruit.

Then I kind of bounced around the casino, trying some dollar slots here and there and settling in on one of the rare Pay the Aces machines. It took me a while to figure this thing out - it’s unlike any other video poker game I’ve ever played.

If you are dealt an Ace, or a number of Aces, and are not dealt any face cards, you get paid some number of coins.

So, you hit deal, and lets say you get an Ace, and no face cards - the machine immediately spits coins into your tray. Then you continue on to play the hand normally and you also get paid based on however the hand ends up.

It’s great fun and I played a twenty through, and then started playing the coins from the tray, old school. And, I hit a quad at some point, and got to cash that out and lug the bucket of coins to the cage.

They’d moved some of the triple play STP machines we like and they are now situated right next to the craps table. This will be handy when Mrs. FFF is playing triple play and I’m playing craps, at some trip in the future.

Anyway, I got on a great run on the triple play Super Times Pay, getting a bunch of quads, and ultimately losing. I put about $4K in coin-in through though, and had a bunch of chances at Royals. I got some nice hands on multipliers too.

10x multiplier dealt straight

Sequential Straight Flush

It was time to pack it in but I was hungry after my healthy (fake) dinner, so I went and ate some breaded deep fried fish thing back at the Cal. The net result of having bought stuff at Hole Foods was that I ended up having four meals instead of three. With the deadly (but tasty) fish, I had salad bar.

As I sidled up to the stunning array of crudites, one of the staff had just finishing reloading the plate supply with clean plates.

“Oh look, my very favorite plate is on top!” I said.

I thought I heard her say “(something)-wit...”. Probably savvy bus person lingo for ‘savvy gambler’.

Ultimately, though, the day was a loser. With my last $27 in gambling money, I bought a Keno ticket and went to bed, hoping for luck while I slept.

Royal Flusher: Day: $-500 Trip: $-1000
Q.Q. (by proxy): Day $-300 Trip: $-300

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