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Monday, September 22, 2014

Two broken hearts, lead me to the trough!

I had a great sleep in my room at the California. Got up, grabbed a double latte at Lappert’s, and headed straight back to the scene of the crime, the slant-top machines by the cashier, with ideas of sipping my coffee and some gambling before breakfast.

Because vacation.

I did get a quick quarter quad and forgot to grab a snap of it. I think that’s the only one I missed this trip. Gazing around, I spied with my little degenerate eye that the 50 cent Bonus Poker progressive Royal was up over $4620.

Coming toward me was my favorite graveyard shift super server Judy (aka Nurse Blue, so called because of one of her hallowe’en costumes also aka Dr. Red because I thought she deserved a promotion). She hadn’t seen me yet so I leaned against a machine and struck a casual pose.

“What are you doing here!” she said, surprised to see me hanging around a casino, for some reason.

“Gambling. What are you doing here?”

“I’m working.”

Last time she’d seen me, I was a sad camper, and as we caught up a bit,I was very happy to tell her the outcome of the lost $300 keyfob.

“What is your name anyway?” she asked.

“It’s on the business cards I keep giving you that you keep throwing away. My name is Royal.”

“Royal…” she said thoughtfully, committing it to memory. “And what’s your wife’s name?”

“Mrs. Flusher,” I said, helpfully. “Or Quad Queen. Or QQ for short. Or Quadus Emeritus. Or Flusherina. Or Che Quadera. Or Quadus Maximumus. Or La Flushitita. Or...”

I gave the BP Progressive a go and managed a couple of quads. Having run it up to 400 credits, I gave Double Double a go, to see if I could hit a home run. Instead, I bunted a single.  I managed to sort of break even on the session.

I tried a little NSUD deuces wild, not hitting much, let alone four ducks, and then grabbed a Keno ticket and, remembering all the good healthy food in my room, made a beeline for the counter in the Market Square.

View from the Cal NSUD alcove

“Two broken hearts, lead me to the trough,” I said to the baffled looking waitress.

“Excuse me? Can I take your order?”

“You just did. Two broken hearts, lead me to the trough!”

I sighed. “Two eggs over hard, and I’ll have the breakfast buffet as well.

I thought I heard her say something about a dipstick under her breath. Probably some of the Cal’s own savvy short order lingo.

Breakfast was just what you want it to be - hot, fast, and greasy, like a great blind date. As I ate I pondered the arrival of Kenny Blankenship. I’d had to do some quick work to get rooms set up for him at Encore and Mandalay Bay. At Encore, I was able to use a friends and family link to get him a pretty good rate.

We’d had a blast getting it sorted and I kept playing the recorded Steve Wynn website greeting to him over and over and over.

Hi! I’m Steve Wynn and welcome to the website!
We’ve got easy navigation - it’s fast and it’s convenient - and we’re glad you’re here. Enjoy.

(If you want to hear it, just go to Or, here's a downloadable mp3: Hi! I'm Steve Wynn!)

“Who is that anyway?!” asked Kenny.

“That!” I said, “That!... is your soon to be host, Steve Wynn.”

“He’s got… easy navigation!” said Kenny.

“He’s fast and he’s convenient!”

By this time we had the promo memorized, burned deep into our memorial synapses.

I called the VIP line at Mandalay Bay and secured casino rate for him.

The rates were pretty good except for his Wednesday night at Mandalay - for some reason, that one spiked. There must be something going on there but I had no idea what it could be. Maybe a fight? A convention? I hadn’t heard of anything.

In any case, I was going to have some company this trip after all. I was kind of looking around to hanging around with Kenny and talking about old times. Maybe we could get into some trouble.

Jimmy Poon says: This is Royal Flusher's 500th post on this blog! Congratulations!

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    1. Was the Cal all booked up by this time? I love staying at the California.


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