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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cavalcade of Disappointment!

I didn't post these throughout the trip report, but it's kind of interesting in a horror-show kind of way.

The Quad Queen says one or two hands make or break a trip. I think she's right. I get one of these, especially a two-dollar Royal, and it's a completely different result.

Anyway, here are the close calls.

One card off $8000.


As far as wins go, I had one for $500, one for $400, one for $250, four for $200, one for $175, a couple of $150s. The rest were all $125 or less.

Over 13 days that is not going to be a winning trip. On the other hand though, I have these pens which are worth $670 each.

Jimmy Poon says: Did you enjoy the trip report? There are lots more here: Trip Report Index


    1. These pictures are painful!!!
      I will give you some Caesars Windsor pens too!

    2. Well I did something that I never do at work..I broke out my phone to read the last of this report. Couldn't wait till I got home. Ohh I was so rooting for you. Now what am I going to read???? Well now that I found you I guess I will amuse myself with your older trip reports. I so enjoyed reading this report..lots of laughs, lots of pictures, lots of ohhh come on Royal I am pulling for you....SO when are you going again???

    3. The QQ is correct about one or two hands making or breaking a trip. Been there, done that many times!


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