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Friday, October 3, 2014

In the Hall of the Nosmo King

Day 11 - Sunday July 27, 2014

I love starting my day at the Downtown Grand with their free coffee service in the lobby. I took a few minutes to sit and sip and people-watch.
Note the reflection of the 'dogs playing poker' painting on the ceiling of the Art Bar. Clever, no?
I did some morning play at the DTG and noticed that the machines in the hallway from the casino to the lobby are marked Nosmo King. It’s nice to know there is a refuge when the particulate matter in the casino air starts to clog your nostrils.

The Boner Deluxe gave me a nice quad for $200, but I parlayed up to dollars, thinking that at long last I was in a winning streak, and I’d now hit it huge. Somehow, my $200 went away. Zounds!

And then I turned to my dollar play at the Four Queens.

On the way there I noticed this rather dejected-looking phone booth. It seemed to fit my trip fairly well, I thought.

Anyway... Four Queens. The goal, another 1600 hands, another $8,000 coin-in. And it went fairly well, which was kind of a shock.

I had a decent cushion to finish today's play.
I got through two thirds of what I wanted to play, and took a breakfast break - steak and eggs at Magnolia’s. The steak was pretty tasty, considering that it wasn't country-fried and smothered in beige gooey muck.
The final third of the Jacks play went great and I finished with most of my dough from the previous day intact - I still had $400.

This was magnanimous and astoundingly lucky. I’d played $16,000 coin in using my $300 free play, and had $400 to show for it at this point in time. I’d dodged another video poker bullet.

If I was careful, I had enough to get me through to tomorrow. I could play $100 and still have $300 left over, which is what I started with to do the dollar play.

The only problem with this plan is that it was about 10:30 in the morning and tomorrow was a long, long way off.

I headed to the Mike’s bar and hung out with those guys for a while, playing Double Double and drinking coffee, just taking it easy.

Back at the Grand, for some reason, I found myself playing.... dollars. What about my plan?!

You would think... that I would pocket the $260 pictured above.

You would think... that I would keep the extra cushion for tomorrow and avoid the walk of shame.

You would think... I would realize by now that shooting for the moon will always lead to getting blown out on this trip.

You would be wrong.

I did not hit a dollar Royal, or anything else more, and all that $260 'went away', like we used to say about my cousin Calvin.

Needing to run some errands, it was time to play ‘find the rental car’. But the car was found easily this time - I’d valet parked it. It took me around town, including to Wal-mart, where I was in search of the legendary (to me) incredibly cheap Dr. Remedy Anti-Flatulent Miracle Gas Pills and Elixer. And as usual, there were none.

I bought a few snacks and made lunch out of it all back in the room at the DTG - cheese sticks, yogurt, whole grain stockade-grade feed, et cetera. Then I hit the shower, had a nap and basically tried to get through some more time without losing anything.

Stunning views from my DTG window.

My Four Queens offer came with the freeplay, the Seventies Stag Suite, food at Magnolia’s and Chicago Brewing Company and - a dinner at Hugo’s for two. Since I was only one, the plan was to eat enough for two.

On the way to my big so-called ‘victory’ dinner at Hugo’s, I did some $20 bills, strict rules of parlay.

One $20 bill made it to $120. And then I blew through that and then just lost it. Yes, I went on massive tilt, sick of the trip, playing everything and anything, at stupid denominations, high volatility, you name it, just desperate, desperate, desperate for a big win.

You know what they say about that slut scared money, right? “Scared money loses.”

All of a sudden, I found myself behind the 8-ball again. Yes, I was down to $100. And I needed some for tips, including a tip based on what would be the normal price of an expensive comped dinner at Hugo’s. Crikey.

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