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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A The Fab Night

Day 5 Wednesday October 29, 2014 - part 5

I partly planned my stay at Delano around the fact that The Fab were playing at the lounge in Mandalay Bay. I'd really enjoyed their music last trip, and wanted to make a point of playing video poker, drinking, and rocking out to live Beatles' tunes this time.

We headed to the casino and played some Triple Play and got warmed up for 'the Ersatz Fab Four or Five'.

Poor Mrs. F. was down about $850 on the day and losing, losing, losing, until she was winning, winning, winning, with... you guessed it (because you can see the picture down there), she hit a Royal Flush, her second of the trip, and #4 between us!

We played on, got some drinks and waited for the band to start. It was turning into one of those perfect Vegas evening.

Royal Flush #4 for $1000

I actually got a kicker?!

The Fab started, and I went to check them out. That's when I found out there were bartop machines there. Well, of course there were... it's Vegas!

We moved over and danced and drank and sang our way through the set. The Fab was in fine form, wearing costumes and throwing candy to the crowd.

We played about 35 or 40 minutes at the bar and I lost about $70. I asked the Quad Queen how she'd done and she said, "I put in $20. I've been playing dollars all this time."

WHAT?! Great! More points on my Milf card!
And just for fun, she got a quad at the end.
The Fab at Mandalay Bay
I wanted to eat Mexican for dinner and Mrs. F. wanted to head back to the Nugget, so we walked through the Mandalay Bay Place Shopping Walkway hallway of values thingy to the Luxor, through Luxor, through the walkways to Dickscalibur, and through Dickscalibur to the bus stop outside You Nork You Nork (YNYN).

The WAX came and off she went. I started hiking it to Hussong's Cantina. I walked briskly, and looked down at one point and saw something glinting in the light.

Something silver and wonderful.

"You," I said, picking up the magical object, "you will be the centerpiece of my Halloween costume."

I carried on, briskly. Walking pretty damn briskly. Here's where it gets weird. Before I had even exited Luxor, I got a text. The Quad Queen was downtown!

She'd gotten some kind of super-luck WAX express ride. There was no one on the bus, the freeway was fast, and there was no one waiting at any of the stops. She'd made it to Fremont in less than the time it took to walk from YNYN to Mandalay Bay Place Shopping Walkway thingy.

I got a table at Hussong's, which I'd enjoyed last trip. This time I was in luck! The Mariachi band was in full force, featuring El The Big Guitar.

I had the same thing as before, the Zeppelin-sized chicken burrito. And I loved, loved, loved the music. The way the changes twist and turn, the way the beat tumbles on itself like a drunken muchacho rolling down a freeway verge, then righting itself at the last possible moment before the semi-trailer El The Big Guitar thrums out the central riff at the climax of the verse.

The band was relaxed and took little breaks to chat amongst themselves after each tune. I even clapped for them. I was probably the only one listening to and appreciating their musicianship.

"Thank you! Thank you!" said the leader, "To.... table number 5."

Meal finished (it was delish), I greeted the band and asked some things about the time signatures and the band.

"So, when you guys met for the very first time, did you all have on those same shirts and cowboy hats? Because that would be like... fate."

We had a laugh about that and the leader said, "Sit back down, we have one more for you, a special one."

And these guys played a song just for The Flusher. It was beautiful. It twisted and turned and rolled. The semi-trailer missed the muchacho. The harmonies lifted my heart, soaring so you weren't sure if you were hearing two voices, or just one special sound that defied humanity and lived with the angels.

I thanked them again.

"That was an original, composed by this guy, the trumpet player."

I felt truly blessed. What were Royal Flushes and gambling when compared to true human talent and expression?

What indeed?

I headed for the casino and missed a kicker that would have given me a $500 hand instead of a $100 hand.

But I had El The Big Guitar and a stomach full of burrito and a heart full of tumbling beats.

No $500 kicker.
Royal Flusher: Day -$200 Trip +$2250
Quad Queen: Day +$150 Trip -$500

Combined: +$1750
Royals Flush: Four (!!!!)


    1. Catching up on your latest trip report, enjoyable as always. Question on this day report. Wa Mrs. F on your card - she hit a RF and still down for the day?

    2. Yes she was playing on my card. But she finished up $150 on the day. Clearly she needs a lot more Royals! :)


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