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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bring on the Saucy Spanish Sauce

Day 8 Saturday Nov 1, 2014 - part 1



And it was raining in Vegas. Oddly it rains almost every time I am in residence in the desert oasis.

I had a pretty good night at the Four Queens and the Quad Queen enjoyed her Rush Tower room (which I wish I had). One nice thing about the Four Queens room is the sun in the afternoon which pours in. To us sun-starved Canadians, it's very special in November.

We met up in the Four Queens casino and we had a special bonus today... a very welcome free play boost. She got $300 free play and I got $200. We did our $10K play each - actually, I did an extra $1600 or so. I chewed through $200 in free play and a total of $700 in cash playing "the stupid goddamn jacks" (according to my very accurate voice recording).

Yes, my streak of not getting hurt on the dollar Jacks play was over for now. I only had three quads the whole time. The Quad Queen managed to not get hurt, just burning her $300 free play to do the $10K coin in.

After four days, I'd done $40K coin in on this exercise. Including burned free play it had cost me $885 ($385 out of pocket). I had $250 comp dollars in my account and about $120 cashback coming. So net net, it wasn't too bad.

The Quad Queen was sitting at a $2000 loss ($1400 out of pocket). She also had around $250 comp dollars built up and $120 cashback.

It's interesting to see the difference between theoretical return and actual events.

We said hello to some friends who had arrived in town the previous night. It was great to see them again and we made plans to get together to have a drink or two and talk over the video poker scene, share war stories and generally goof around.

Breakfast at Magnolia's has revealed to me a new special treat. I ordered an omelette and one of the potential ingredients is something called Spanish Sauce. I had no clue what it was but it sounded delicious, and Spanish, and I asked for it on the side.

Let me tell you, Spanish Sauce is tomatoey, spicy, hot, and delicious. It is the bright, fiery ying to country throw-up gravy's brown gooey yang. It was a fantastic complement to my omelette, which was yummy, made with skill and precision. I'm really getting to like omelettes in Vegas and their secret additional filling items. Because prizes.
Illicit forbidden Spanish Sauce! This was one great breakfast.
The Cobb Queen had a Cobb Salad and we played some Keno, which lost.

We took a break at the Nugget.

I brought my showering stuff over and showered there. It's a tad more luxurious and I like the shampoo better. I thought what a site I would be, traipsing along Fremont in a bathrobe and slippers with my razor and stuff - but then I realized I would fit right in on Fremont. Nobody would bat an eye and people would slip dollar bills into my pocket to take a picture with me.

We availed ourselves of the required 20 pounds of Glossette Raisins, free waters etc., and eschewing the apples. We didn't chew them either. After some downtime, I hit the showers and the Quad Queen hit the casino.
Golden Nugget Gold Club Room Goodies
I took a long luxurious scrub and pondered how she might be doing. I thought I heard my phone but of course couldn't be sure. It was probably just the water.

When I got out, I toweled off, paying just the right amount of attention to my Arturo Fuente, and then picked up my phone. There was a picture of a quad on there. Okay, so she had gotten a quad. That's good.

Or was it a quad? I'd need to get my glasses on to see just what it really was.

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