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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Claim Jumper at the Nugget

Day 12 Wednesday Nov 5, 2013 - part 2

With the car taken care of, we played at the Nugget for a while, before taking long rest breaks.

And somewhere in there, the Quad Queen did round two of the Turkey Trot. It doesn't matter much, she didn't get anywhere with it, didn't win one of the five rebuy awards, or any of that stuff.

I went to the Grand and napped and showered and then brought the remains of the wine back to the Nugget so the Quad Queen could taste it. I had some bubbly I'd bought at Hole Foods and had been carting around all this time.

So we hung out at the Nugget, enjoying wine, keno, and doing all the fun things you can do on a rest break in Vegas.

Ok, well, not everything - we didn't order room service.

We headed back down and hit the bars, and I enjoyed my Cohiba cigar. I had a win which carried me through the session.
Got the kicker - doesn't matter on this game.
I have to give the Nugget props - they got some very bad press over the state of the Carson St. Cafe's kitchen a while back and did the right thing - completely gutting it, and starting over with two new places, one of which is the Claim Jumper - part of the Landry's chain of restaurants.

I wanted to try it so that's where we went for dinner. The menu had all kinds of interesting general comfort food kinds of things on it, but for some stupid reason, I wanted ribs.
Claim Jumper
So I went with it, and Mrs. F. ordered the chicken pot pie (which, I'm told, now means something different in Colorado). The server complimented her on her choice - apparently it is quite good.

Let me tell you, I enjoyed the ribs like crazy. I found the sauce to be delectable. The meat itself was tender and all in all it was pretty respectable. The veg wasn't overdone, which I appreciated.

I had these potato thingies that had stuff in them. They are called three cheese potatocakes, which is something Latvian ladies of the night call their lovers (I've heard).

The chicken pot pie was highly rated. It looked gorgeous.

Some sort of heart-healthy cheese testicles dish.
A peek inside the pot.
After dinner, we were at loose ends with nothing to do. Vegas is such a bore.

Huh? Yeah right. Back to the Grand to chase those Aces which STILL had not been run. I was hoping for a replay of last spring's triumph, when I hit them for over $1000, but I just couldn't get there.

Fours. No kicker though.

An insane amount for the Aces kicker progressive.

Mrs. Flusher had three Aces dealt five times and I had them dealt three times. I had to give up a full house to shoot for the quad once too, but of course, didn't get it. They just weren't meant for us this time, I guess.

It seemed like the tide was turning against us, as the pretty typical combined loss started to mount up.

"You know what we need?" I said.


"Another Royal."

"Dream on."

"Things can happen. I know. We have two days left. We could get on a Boner Deluxe run on dollars or something and make back $1600 like that!"

This from a guy who can't get the fucking gas cover open.

Royal Flusher: Day -$520 Trip +$2610
Quad Queen: Day -$780 Trip -$4290

Combined: -$1680
Royals Flush: Six (!!!!!!)

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