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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eat Twenty Dollars Worth of Glossette Raisins

Day 5 Wednesday October 29, 2014 - part 3
Our host at the Nugget, John Submarine (not his real seagoing vessel), had secured a room in the Gold club atop the Rush tower.

So we dragged some stuff up there - actually, Mrs. Flusher would be camped out in this room because it has the nice tub where she can stretch out. Meanwhile, I'd be bouncing around town. I wanted a chance to have some me time, have a few cigars, and have some of the food she can't abide. I'd have full visitation privileges if I played my cards right though.

"Honey... do you think I could fit a tripod for the Cameron in the bathroom?" I asked innocently?

"Take a hike, pervert."

I grabbed some snaps of the room instead.

The Gold Club rooms cost extra because they have all you can eat penny candy in the elevator foyer. And apples. And waters. There is about $20 worth of Glossette Raisins, $20 worth of M&Ms, $20 worth of bar-room spitback peanuts, and about $20 worth of trail mix out on a table.

For this, they charge each guest $20 extra per night.

The question now, is, how many Glossette Raisins can I eat in eight days?

The Nugget is a very nice property though, and still easily the class of downtown Vegas.

How much for 4? How much for 8? How much for 12? Okay... How much for 4 again?
Much of our admin crap done, we did some play at the Nugget, starting with the new quarter Deuces progressive.

The Quad Queen has a way with Deuces that is uncanny. She's hit the Loose Deuce about 3 times in 20 minutes of play while sitting beside me and taunting me on those different occasions. I, meanwhile, have never hit the Loose Deuce.

Naturally, she did this:
Quad Queen, Deuces Progressive for $292 and change.
We moved on to the bar for some quads and Boner Deluxe. I hit one at the bar and ran it up to $600, then cashed out at $400, so I made $300 there. The Quad Queen hit some hands but played heavily and ended up losing quite a bit on the session. She was in a fairly deep hole at the end of it.

Parlay again to Boner Deluxe.
QQ Straight Flush - almost a Royal...
And with that, it was time to go and take a look at one of Vegas' newest offerings - Delano.


    1. Always love your reports. Confused about the Delano. It's my understanding it has NO casino. Why would you stay there?

      1. Thank you very much. Delano is attached to Mandalay Bay. The casino there is about a 2 minute walk down the hallway where the Michael Jackson show is. (And you're right, if there was really no casino, I'd never stay there!)


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