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Monday, November 10, 2014

Exciting New Rehashed Look... and a New Trip Report Too

So what's new in Flusherville?

Well, we've had a cosmetic lift done, courtesy of my technologically superior pal, Jimmy Poon, whose deft little fingers and elfin laugh have graced the underpinnings of Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way since the beginning.

We have this sexy new banner:

...which you could see from the moment you saw it at the top of the blog.

I keep telling Jimmy that there should be something in the upper right corner. Maybe some gratuitous nudity or even something cheesy.

More exciting is that the old skinny purple blog layout is gone, gone, gone - and replaced with a new wider purple blog layout.

Hopefully it is cleaner in design, and for sure, it give me more room to stretch out in my blog posts, have bigger pictures (always a plus for the more 'slack-jawed' readers, including myself), and hopefully have an easier flow.

Steve Wynn would be very proud of our easy navigation... it's fast and convenient...

More excitingly, on the heels of my brutal $4,600 loss on the last trip...

...I have another all-new Las Vegas gambling trip report coming for you! Because degenerate. Yes, the Quad Queen and I have just returned and as usual, Las Vegas continued to be full of surprises. Some of them good. Some of them surprises in the way stepping on some doggy doo on the sidewalk could be considered to be a surprise. And them some of them good again. And then doggy doo. And then good. Like that.

Here's the link to the index page for the new trip report, which will be updated automagically as I post over the coming days.

The October 2014 No Kickers Trip Report

Bring it on, Vegas!

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    1. Really looking forward to this RF. Good luck!
      Hol Calif


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