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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From This... to Delano Las Vegas

Day 5 Wednesday October 29, 2014 - part 4
I grabbed enough stuff for a couple of nights and we loaded up the rental car, and drove down to Delano.

'Delano' is Spanish for 'where the fuck has The Hotel gone?'.

The answer - everywhere, and nowhere. The uber cool whiteness of Delano makes one speak this way, it's just something that happens.

Delano is in the tower that was The Hotel, which was beside the hotel Mandalay Bay. So there was Mandalay Bay, and then there was the other hotel (The Hotel) but The Hotel is now the other hotel, Delano. It makes perfect sense after a bunch of comped Absolut rocks.

I know what you are thinking.

Royal Flusher...! You?! Going from this...

to this??????!!!

What about your half-soup and salad bar roots? How will you manage in the chic gravity-less Delano? Just saying it makes me feel... randy! What are you wearing?...

We found valet easily enough and we dumped the car. The foyer of Delano is really cool. They built it around some gigantic desert boulders that camouflage the entrance to the secret underground headquarters of Splurge, the international overpriced shopping ring.
Check-in was a breeze. I was asked all kinds of questions, offered all kinds of help, had my credit card imprint thingy taken, and was given a key. And up we went.

The suite was gorgeous, and upon entering, I had the feeling of moving from the desert-inspired art gallery public spaces to floating into an underground grotto, with sunlight dappled walls.
The grotto awaits...
These headless mer-people could be... you!
I think this entire wall is a whiteboard. Either that or housekeeping is going to be pissed.
The Romper Room
 Everything in the place, pretty much is white or off-white. It's cool, it's elegant, it's... savvy. It's not that homey but I live in a place that is, and this is the kind of place I want to go when I'm getting away from it all.

From the dueling robes in the one and a half bathrooms to the custom postcard on the bed to the padded - yes padded - wall that served as a headboard, I felt transported.

"Look at all this," I said, "It's amazing! Look, the brochure says everything the guest touches should be real!"

We locked up and walked down the hall to head to the casino.

"Look, at this chair, see, it's real! It's wood! Everything you encounter...!" I continued. I was really starting to understand the design underpinnings of the Delano concept.

"Yep, it's a real chair," said the Quad Queen. "Look, a real elevator button! Real carpeting! Look, real light bulbs!"

"Some people have... savvy chic taste," I countered. "REAL taste."

"Sounds like real bullshit to me."

Upside of the Delano - it's very cool and pretty comfortable. The fit and finish of the suite was excellent. It would be a great place to be if you had to work in the room, given the separate work area and desk chair. There are amenities right on site including a spa and some eateries, but all the Mandalay Bay has to offer is just a two minute walk down a corridor.

Downside of the Delano - the pillows are horrible. Way too high, way too firm. The TV in the bedroom had a sound problem, which I didn't report. Finally, I found out after the fact that they charge $20 for valet access. This isn't posted anywhere that I saw and wasn't mentioned at valet or check-in.

I think that's way too 'real'.


    1. They finally put you in a padded room!!!!

    2. just read on Vegas Chatter the Delano has wised up. no more valet parking charge at the delano...


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