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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lovin Loosely in the Luxor High Limit Lounge

Day 9 Sunday Nov 2, 2014 - part 2
The Luxor high limit lounge and bar is a really nice place to play. During the day, it's extremely quiet, and you basically get your very own dedicated bartender. And there are some sweet looking couches to unwind in.

We started playing - when push came to shove, we pushed and opted for 8/5 Bonus (or would that be shoved?) having been short on Aces lately - and the Quad Queen got a quad fairly quickly on dollars. I thanked my lucky stars. One worries about one's partner's losing streaks, especially when one's partner is raiding the little brown envelope of hundies fairly  regularly.

Next, I cursed my unlucky stars - she parlayed to $2 play. Video poker at $10 a hand. I mean, that's okay in some circumstances, but when you are $800 in the hole by breakfast... maybe it's time to look for slow building sessions.

On the other hand, if she managed to hit a few quads, she'd look like a fucking genius.

Well, she played that down some and had to retreat to dollars (strict rules of parlay, you know) but after a while she built that up again and got another quad - and next thing I know she's playing $2 again. Definitely fearless.

The Quad Queen came through and got herself a nice $2 quad, thank goodness. She was happy and so I was happy.

Meanwhile I lost a hundred. Then, to follow up, I lost another hundred. On my third hundred I got up to $200, and parlayed as well to $2. And I got on a nice $2 run, hammering the hands through.

If only the Royal Flusher and Quad Queen of our first trip to Luxor some twenty years ago could have seen the future. The RF and QQ of the first trip, circling the casino with a bucket containing $10 in quarters, carefully selecting which slot to play, favoring the ones that only took two coins.

The RF and QQ of eighteen years ago, learning video poker, and not knowing what a good thing full pay with a progressive was, sitting on the 8/5 Bonus bank by the waterfall, taking turns playing hands.

I remember seeing someone playing the bank of 98% dollar slots they had in those days - dollar coins racked up beside them in those plastic racks, three or four racks of them, the slot tray filled to overflowing with dollar coins, playing them back in as fast as they could. How I wanted to be able to do that someday.

If only the RF and QQ of Christmas Past could have seen us pounding $10 a hand every five seconds... what would they have thought? What would they have said?

What would they have thought, those characters from twenty years ago with their $80 a day budget? I think they'd be fucking horrified, screaming "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!! THAT'S TEN BUCKS A HAND!!!"

And I'd be like 'chill dude, I might get a buffet comp out of this'.

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen hit Aces on Bonus Poker dollars.

It was a good run, and we protected our wins by cashing out tickets as we went. We ended up cashing out $1600 in tickets and did about $4500 in coin in. All in all, a successful foray into the High Limit Lounge at Luxor. It will be interesting to see if Luxor throws some offers my way.

We wandered over to MandaBay, looking for a place to eat, and settled on Citizens Cafe. It was overpriced and the food was just okay. (Separate review to follow.)

We did a little play at MandaBay after that, I lost $100 and cried uncle and just sat and watched Mrs. F play for a while. Nothing much happened there, and we hauled ass back to Luxor, got the car from valet and headed back downtown.

Back in the Nugget room, we had some bubbly to toast my Royal from earlier in the day and played some Keno, which resulted in the usual - a series of near misses culminating in a waste of time and money.

Down at the Nugget bar, the poor Quad Queen struggled again. The quads were just not flowing for her in this session. She got a couple but dumped $500 or so. Back in the hole. And she was pissed off.

Meanwhile, I took a flyer on high volatility quarters, got a couple of quads, and parlayed up to dollars - Boner Deluxe. And sure enough, I got a quad on it.

I got talking to the woman next to me who seemed to know what she was doing vis-a-vis video poker. A nice looking woman, wealthy looking, probably a grandmother. You know - well dressed, fit right in at the Smug Nugget.

We talked about paytables a bit and offers and what not, and next thing you know she's holding three sixes.

"Oh, three sixes - good luck, hope you get the fourth," I intoned melodiously.

"Sixes?!" she shrieked. "Sixes are useless. I hate fucking sixes."

She didn't get the quad.

"Well, they are okay when they come four of 'em at a time, I guess," I said.

"Sixes are useless. I hate tens too. Goddamn, give me Aces, fuck the tens. Tens are fucking useless. Tens, sixes and nines."

"Barkeep?!" I said, signaling for another.

Preserving my profit, I switched down to 50 cents and got one there. It was just a great day for me.
Got the kicker, wrong game, not worth anything.
To continue the off-the-hook celebration, I got a sub from Subway and ate it in the suite, whilst watching fricken Gold Rush, which I'd previously downloaded using the $28 a day resort fee wifi from Delano.

At the end of the day, I was up $3300. On the trip I was up over $5000. That is a record for 52 trips to Vegas. If twenty year ago Royal Flusher, who got his first royal on quarters the first time he played video poker, with 1 quarter in, could have seen me now... yeah, he'd be pretty chuffed.

Importantly to me, I'd now eradicated the $4600 loss from the July trip, which had been such a shitty time. Well, things had changed. Now I was sticking it to The Man, not getting it stuck to me (or stuck in me?) by The Man - or is it not getting it stuck to me by The Man?

One thing was for sure - I'd be having more of that lucky Spanish Sauce du Luxe... aka Spanish Sauce Do Lucks. I'd also be avoiding those fucking useless tens, sixes, and nines.

Royal Flusher: Day +$3300 Trip +$5050
Quad Queen: Day -$900 Trip -$1980

Combined: Trip +$3070
Royals Flush: Six (!!!!!!)

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    1. If only the Royal Flusher and Quad Queen of our first trip to Luxor some twenty years ago could have seen the future. The RF and QQ of the first trip, circling the casino with a bucket containing $10 in quarters, carefully selecting which slot to play, favoring the ones that only took two coins.....

      Ha,, funny lines.


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