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Saturday, November 29, 2014

No Kickers For You

Day 11 Tuesday Nov 4, 2014 - part 2

We had originally planned to return to the Cal on this day, but Mrs. Flusher so loved her Nugget tub, we had John Submarine extend the stay there by two days - and that's how she ended up in the Turkey Trot Tournament.

Over at the Downtown Grand I got checked in but my room wasn't ready yet - and that's ok, it was pretty early. The best part was they gave me double match play coupons to make up for last time.

It's a good thing too, because when you are dealing with petty, obnoxious savvy customers like me, something like that could break the relationship for good.

Somewhere in there I bought a cheap, $2 corkscrew at the Four Queen's gift shop. We had late check-out so when I got a phone call from the Grand saying my room was ready, it was a one-shot move to bring my stuff over to the room.

I've stayed in the east tower of the DTG a couple of times, facing east, but this room was in the west tower, facing west. I have to say, I like that setup a bit better. The view is more interesting, and it's quiet. I would imagine there wouldn't be any pool noise, as there was last summer in the east tower.

The only downside is its a bit further to the casino, but if you take the elevator right to the bottom, it dumps you out at the Commissary, and a quick walk across the never-busy street and you are back inside at the casino. If everything lines up you can probably make it in two minutes flat. So no biggie.

And, they've moved the morning coffee to the Commissary area in that building, so that's actually more convenient.

We played some downstairs at the Furnace Bar.

And this is where I got really pissed off - they've lowered the fucking paytables again at the bar. And on some of the machines on the floor. Yes, there is still full pay, but they've gutted the paytables by half, just a few weeks after fixing it.

Downtown Grand... What? The? Fuck? Do you, or do you not want my business?

I've been cheerleading this place for a year now, and communicating the customer's point of view, because I like the place, I like having another alternative downtown, I want to see downtown do well, I want to support independent operators that are not part of the oligopoly (a word Jimmy Poon taught me - it means 'a bunch of corporate fuckers').

But that's it. The gloves are off and this place now gets now favors from me.

It just turns out that the Aces kicker progressive was ridic high and growing, so that's what we played. Time to chase those Aces again!

Quad kicker though.
I had enough success to not lose too much at the bar - two or three hundred - and then called a halt.

Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
With it being such a long trip, I wanted some downtime. I was getting burned out! I retired to my room and used the $2 screwdriver to open the plonk.

This stuff was from 2008. Now, I don't know much about wine, but I certainly do know what year it is. If I'd realized this was old stock, I would have insisted on a fresh, 2014 bottle

In any case, I poured some carefully into my tasting vessel - a plastic cup. And I tasted it. And you know what? It tasted pretty good.

In fact, it tasted really, really good, much better than the $4 bottle of merlot I'd sucked down earlier in the trip.

The more I tasted it the more I liked it. I sat down in an armchair in the sun, which was now lighting up the room with its golden warmth. I wouldn't get to do anything like this at home any time soon. I enjoyed the wine, looked at my iPad, and just basked.

Curious, I did a search online and found out that this stuff sold for around $85 a bottle.

No wonder it tasted so good!!!

I recorked the bottle, saving half for later, took a long shower, and a nap.

Pre-dinner, I played some craps, but I was not feeling it at all. The table was ice cold and with most of my buy-in gone in 3 minutes, I walked. Over to blackjack. There was a nice young couple playing next to me, and I enjoyed their company. They were kind of cute, not betting much, sweating every dollar. I gave them my second match play coupon under the table. (They won on it.)
Zoom on the Cameron Powershod G16 works pretty well!
We had dinner at Hugo's (again, review still to come) and then played out the evening chasing the Aces at the Grand.

They went higher and higher, and I outlasted the Quad Queen who begged off to go to bed. I walked her over, then came back and hammered some more.

It took my third hundred and a bunch of different machines to get going. That last hundred lasted me three and a half hours. I played that fucker flat out without any breaks. I quit when I was too tired to continue, without getting the Aces. I literally could not play any more - talk about completely satisfying that playing jones!

This was the day that named the trip report - I can't remember a day when I got so many Aces, 2s, 3s and 4s with not a single kicker. Those kickers represented a difference of $1,100.

I wasn't unhappy with the day though - it was a complete turnaround from the day before, and I'd eked out a small win. If I could keep eking in the next few days, I'd finish a winner.

Royal Flusher: Day +$80 Trip +$3130
Quad Queen: Day -$560 Trip -$3510

Combined Trip: -$380
Royals Flush: Six (!!!!!!)

Here are the quad pics from my four hour chase the Aces session (and a couple of the Quad Queen's).

Twos. No kicker though.

Threes. No kicker though.

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