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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Peckermint Shampoo

Day 6 Thursday October 30, 2014 - part 1

I gave up this great coffee to go and keep Mrs. F. from losing more dough.
I slept at Delano in my sterile luxury suite and the Quad Queen slept at the Nugget in her fairly sumptuous luxury room (with chocolate raisins).
Real seating outside the real spa.
The spa at Delano. I was too scared to venture in.
Actually, I had a terrible night - the pillows at Delano are the size of old growth tree trunks and about as soft. It was too hot, and I woke up with a headache.
A long, long shower helped that along somewhat. The Delano in-room amenities include one that's new by me - peppermint shampoo. I dabbed a little here, and some there and some there, and scrub a dub dubbed, and dabbed some down there... and I felt this crazy alarming burning sensation! And yet... I found it strangely refreshing.
Peckermint Shampoo
Done showering and shaving, and smelling like a huge Mentos, I checked in with the Queen, who was starting her day at the Nugget, already on the machines.

Apparently it "wasn't going well".

I nabbed the car from Valet, passing up the little coffee shop off the Delano lobby, and headed downtown. When I found her, she reported that she "hadn't hit a single fucking quad yet".

At that point she was down $500 on the day before I even played my first hand.

"Okay, so, not off to a great start, but still showing promise," I summed up helpfully.

I grabbed a java at Starbucks and we headed to Four Queens for Dollar Jacks Blitz part 2 of 6. I loved this. It was really like doing battle, it was them or us. Would the machines yield that first ever dollar royal at the Four Queens? It's true, we've never hit a dollar royal there, and I've never hit anything bigger than a 25 cent quad.

I got two quads right off the back, but they drained away pretty quickly and I ended up going out.

 After a good hour or so we took a break and played at the bar for a change. I did 50 cent Double Double and she did dollar Double Double for a while, then 50 cent, and did get a quad at that.
 Back to the Jacks, I was in for $600 so far on the session. The Quad Queen had gotten a straight flush, which I was jealous of, and I kept saying things like, "I have about $100 here, if I could get a straight flush and a couple of quads, I could end up even or up some. It could happen..."

I drifted down as low as $30 and worked up a little bit.

Then I was dealt 4 to a straight flush. And I have trouble getting them. Reelin' in the Years was on so at an appropriate musical point I lead out this blood-curdling war scream and hit the button.

And I got it.

And I just kept on screaming for about ten more seconds.

I looked back at a couple of guys who were watching from the cage, just to my right, and said, "That's how you do it. I'm going to play every hand just like that from now on."

I played on and started getting some hands, a few quads even. I worked my way up, higher, a bit higher.

"I'm done my points," said the Quad Queen, "I'm going to the suite to order some room service breakfast."

"You know, I could do it, one more quad and I could break even on this debacle. See you in a bit," I said.

She walked away and boom, I got quad sevens. I finished my points and cashed out up $15 on $10,000 coin in. A minor miracle of video poker, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, the Quad Queen was down $500 on her Jacks play and $1000 on the day (casino bastards!).

I met her up in the suite and we compared notes.

"You were down $1000 yesterday, and came back from it. You just need a couple of dollar Boner Deluxe quads to get you going again."

"Or a Royal," she said.

"Or a Royal."

"Or a pizza."

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