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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Room Camping Delano Style

Day 6 Thursday October 30, 2014 - part 2

For lunch, we 86'd the room service idea and had lunch at the Chicago Brewing Company - pizza and video poker and drinks at the bar. I added a couple of cigars to the bill too, to see if they would go through. I got this Arturo Fuente thing that looked disturbingly like a diminuative penis, a more reasonable looking Monte Cristo, and a mighty Cohiba.

The pizza was excellent as always and we pretty much got our ass kicked at the bartop video poker. Not to worry. $280 for free pizza is well worth it.

QQ's Pizza Quad
After, we headed up to the suite at the Nugget and chilled out and did some Keno and stuff. I had to sober up for the drive back to Mandalay Bay.

I left around 7:00pm and hopped on the freeway. I missed my exit and thought, "Serendipity!" because I knew how to continue on to Whole Foods.

When you have an uber chic luxury suite at Delano where everything is real, what should you do?

Room camping.

I bought some little bottles of champagne at Whole Foods and a variety of things like that foreign 'taboo salad' made of coo coos, tortilla chips, some Moroccan chicken drumettes, curried chick peas, some hummus... I layered that crap into a couple of these cup things. Anything you want to put in there is $8.99 a pound. I picked up some healthy snacks too, like these spicy almonds and something called Flax Snax. I'd rather have Xanax, but whatever. Because healthy.

Room camping calls for ice, and lots of it. I filled the sink at the bar and stashed my room camping supplies. I also put the champagne on ice in the bucket, and made it pose with the Arturo Fuente penis for pictures.
Or champagne with Arturo Fuente's penis? Ick.
While that stuff was chilling, I headed down to the casino for some red wine, a smoke, and a great run on multiplay Double Double.
Okay, it's not just mine, these cigars are made this way on purpose. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigars, apparently.
I cut the end at the top of the band. If I'd cut the other end, I think I might have circumcised the damn thing.

Say what you will about Arturo Fuente's wrapper, I enjoyed smoking my Hemingway Short Story cigar, once I got the (CENSORED) lit.

There was an 80s cover band playing - they were quite good - and I lost about $100 over an hour and a half. It was a lot of fun and I did about $4000 coin in.

Back in the suite, I enjoyed my feast while watching top-notch quality video programming (Survivor, on my niPad).

It was a fun day, but kind of expensive.

Royal Flusher: Day -$400 Trip +$1850
Quad Queen: Day -$1050 Trip -$1550

Combined: Trip +300
Royals Flush: Four (!!!!)

Multi-play quad pics after the break...

Deuces... no kicker.

This represents a quad that I didn't see!


    1. Those pizzas look awesome. What flavours were they?

    2. Oh gosh, the small one was a meat lovers, not sure what was on the big one - spinach, cheese, tomatoes maybe, mushrooms? Nom nom nom.

    3. Any Fuente is a good smoke, and a Hemingway is a very good smoke...did you enjoy it?

    4. I did enjoy it very much, and I am positive I will smoke more of them next time I'm in Vegas. It's really a nice size for someone who just wants a quicker quality smoke.

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