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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Three Casino Shuffle

Day 5 Wednesday October 29, 2014 - part 2

It was time to take on the dollar Jacks at the Four Queens... $10,000 coin in each, about two and a half to three hours of grueling video poker conflagration. And this was the first of a six day marathon. Who would emerge victorious?!

It's always great to hone one's concentration with an early morning cocktail, so we did that and then did battle.
"I've got you covered, baby."
I had $200 freeplay. I punched up the first hundred and settled in.

Withing five minutes, I had settled out. It was gone. What the fuck?

"I lost my hundred," I lamented.

"Change machines."

I did so, and punched up the second hundred of my free play. And you know, it did pretty darn well. I played along, got a quad or two, and the dollars kept going up. I got almost to $500 at one point and in the last ten minutes it just dumped.


The final tally for round 1 of the Jacks Blitz was this - we'd both done $10K coin in. I'd used $200 free play and cashed out $100. The Quad Queen had used $300 free play plus $500.

So I was minus $100 and she was minus $800. Owie.

Our Four Queens gambling plan for the morning complete, we went back to the Cal to eat, and do admin stuff, like make sure the bill was fixed. (It was.)

Then came part of the three casino shuffle which included:

  • check out of the Cal
  • check in to the Four Queens
  • check in to the Golden Nugget
  • go back to the Cal and get the luggage and haul it to the Four Queens
  • get the rental car
Remember the Four Queens El Primo Seventies Stag Suite from last time? Good ole 1148?

I got the same one again.

I think I left my disco ball somewhere in here.
Somewhere in there, we gambled some, and then ate lunch.
Art shot on the new Cameron. I call it "Hey out of focus lady, no fucking smoking!"
Morning on Fremont.
The Cal has, as I've mentioned, a tasty half soup and sandwich (short order for soup and half sandwich). I ordered the salad bar as well so I could try out the new Cameron. I felt like I was mastering it.
Salad Bar De-Luxe!
Half-a-soup and Sandwich with half-a-pickle and half-a-Snickers errrm De-Luxe!
Next stop, the Smug Nugget in part 3 of this very busy Vegas day!

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